Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 03/01/2021

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

Stray Dogs #1 gets a second 2nd Printing, announced this this week after the book was released. A great read I thought and I’m looking forward to seeing this horror title be told through the dogs.

I don’t think this title is going to pick up heat but if it does, this 2nd print might be the one to get as I’m sure most retailers could get caught off guard or still trying to get rid of their first prints.

Stray Dogs #1 (2nd Printing)


Haha #2 (of 6) gets it’s own 2nd Printing as well. Continuing the theme from the Haha #1 2nd Printing. Simple yet totally awesome. If you grabbed the 2nd print of the first issue, this is a must I think.

Haha #2 (of 6) (2nd Printing)


To round out a few more additional prints from Image, there’s a Department of Truth #1 (4th Printing), Department of Truth #4 (2nd Printing) and Department of Truth #5 (2nd Printing).

If you’re keeping a close watch on Tynions Something is Killing the Children additional prints that are hitting some stupidly high prices on the secondary market, these additional prints could follow the same path eventually. It’ll be interesting to watch for sure.

Crossover #1 is getting a second printing but you can still find the first printing at TFAW, Midtown and a few others I checked randomly. Maybe that’s why they won’t carry it, they’re still trying to get rid of the first printings. Don’t blame them to be honest. If the series ever gets to the point where demand is higher than supply, these 2nd prints might be winners..  but I’m not holding my breath.

Alien #1 is on FOC and as it has a crap ton of covers, I’ve still settled on the Gleason Variant as my favorite from the cover price issues.

Alien #1 (Gleason Variant)

TFAW still has a bunch of the ratio variants available as well, for you high dollar rollers…

Alien #1 (Gleason Variant)


Another Gleason variant hits FOC this Monday and as I don’t think it’s going to share the same success as the first one he did of this style, it’s still a cool cover and most that picked up the Amazing Spider-Man #55 will likely pick this one up as well.

There’s also a pretty cool looking Inhyuk Lee variant as well.

Carnage Black White and Blood #1 (of 4) (Gleason Variant)


Taskmaster #3 gets the second print treatment after the debut of a new character. There’s a 1:25 I think for this one as well.

Taskmaster #3 (of 5) (2nd Printing Vitti Variant)


That’s all I got for this week for the highlights.

3 thoughts on “Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 03/01/2021”

  1. You just read the exact list of books I ordered about an hour ago! No question the Gleason Alien Cover is truly incredible! I passed on the 1:25 2nd print of Taskmaster just because it’s buying into the marketing too much for me to justify the cost, and I was slightly disappointed by the Carnage Web Head Gleason variant after so much of his other work is really amazing! Stray Dogs #2 did have a horror variant that I thought was worth picking up! Time will tell! As far as the SIKTC additional printing aftermarket prices, some printings are hitting $300 & $400 which is nuts. I’d like to know what the print run numbers look like on the early SIKTC additional printings, I’ve been onboard since issue #1, the title is amazing but those $$$ signs are crazy high for my wallet at the moment!

    1. Yeah, sadly nothing really stands out a lot from DC for me. We get those surprises every so often but before you can even obtain the book, the heat has already died off..

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