Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 138

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up family. Hope your well and safe. I am short on time and feeling tired, so lets just make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #89 – Batman marries Lois Lane. Who
here saw that stuff wrtten by Zack Snyder? He wanted to have Batman and Lois have a kid in the JLA sequel? Well this classic silver age comic has all of the above. Batman and Lois get married. Batman and Lois have a kid named Batman Jr. OK, this is one of those infamous silver age comics… it was all a dream issues, but still I love this silly series. Lana Lang or Lois Lane always getting married. Lois trying to figure out if Clark was Superman. Just fun times. This comic showcases the marriage of Lois lane and Batman $10 and up

2. Mighty Avengers #14 – The one thing that came out of WandaVision speculation was the White Vision from West Coast Avengers #45 which was an homage to Avengers #57, the first appearance of Vision. Well, this one is another great homage to that cover with a Skull Vision on the cover. And with the end of WandaVision, Skrulls are the next hot thing.

3. Secret Invasion #1 – Speaking of Secret Invasion, we know its coming so might as well get them while they are still cheap. The Blank Sketch Cover is still undervalued. You can find it cheap. Like a CGC 9.8 sold for $14.99 tonight cheap. The 1:25 Variant is still around ratio price. If you can find the rare Heroclix Version at a decent price, grab it.

4. Avengers #279 –  Monica Rambeau AKA Captain Marvel becomes the leader of the avengers. Monica was a major part of WandaVision, she will be in Captain Marvel 2 and a part of the phase five Avengers movie. I think all Monica Rambeau keys are undervalued, and now with her fanbase, I also see the wonders of cosplay for Monica which is awesomesauce but this is a very cheap book in the wild $2-10

5. Wizard the Guide to Comics #54 – includes a Milk and Cheese game with dice inside. Evan Dorken’s Milk and Cheese is #awesomesauce. Wizard magazines are very collectible in sealed mint condition. This is worth it just for the Milk and Cheese  game inside $20-50

6. Meet the Skrulls #1 2nd Print – I saw Meet the Skrulls was starting to make it to some of the top 10 lists last week. But people seemed to have forgotten there was a second printing for the book. People love their second prints.

7. Fantastic Four #1 and Fantastic Four #6 (2018 Series) – Thanks to the CHU Forum for this one. Dr.Doom is taking a bride. He is marrying Zora Vukovic. She first appears in Fantastic Four #1 and becomes the character Victorious in Fantastic Four #6. Cheap copies are out there. Like $2 cheap. Not a big gamble.

well that is it for this week. stay safe be well thanks for reading

this each and every week love you all
blind adam out

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