Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 3/24/21

Every week hundreds of new books hit the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery 3/24/21

Odd week, smaller in feel than normal. More like a 5th week (next week is a 5th week).

New #1’s
Lady Baltimore Witch Queens #1 – I love the Mike Mignola’s universe. Lady Baltimore get’s her own series starting here.

BRZRKR #1 Foil Covers – Not really a new #1, but a foil cover for it, and with news coming out yesterday or the day before this has been optioned as a vehicle for Keanu Reeves (we all saw that coming). Also, buying the foil variants for issue 1&2 allows you to get a free copy of an 8th writing Something is Killing the Children… Could this be the Boom Secret Variant we linked to on the Forums last night?

Ones to Watch
Batman Black & White #4 – Rumor of another new Robin could make this one a must grab.
Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #6 – Harley’s new Batman inspired costume appears on the both covers and in the issue

Reprints of the Week
Department Of Truth #1 4th Ptg – Seeing later prints of Something is Killing the Children hitting crazy numbers, I am gonna grab these.
HAHA #2 2nd Ptg – Match this up with the first issue’s 2nd printing. Just a cool cover.
Taskmaster #3 2nd Ptg – a little e bit of buzz on the new character, but the second prints are still easily available at cover price.

Marvel Must Have
Alien #1 – there are a ton of covers for this including a bunch of pricey variants, big push by Marvel. Anyway, this book is not sneaking up on anyone. Classic horror/sci-fi movie with a big fan base. Grab and hold the cover you like best.

Small Press Picks of the Week
This week seems like a theme as there are three Small Press Horror books worth looking at.
Cold Dead War #1 – oh Hell Yeah. George C Romero is continuing his father’s zombie tradition in this new series.

Rabid World #1 – a new Scout horror series. It was like any other morning, until it wasn’t. Growing from the rural areas, it was a simple dog bite, but at the end of the day civilization was collapsing. The outbreak left people rabid, devoid of their humanity, left only with a violent rage. When an outbreak of a rabies-like virus devastates the world, it’s a fight for survival in a world gone mad. Two couples set off on disparate courses, one for survival and one to save the world. Will a vaccine be found? Will the survivors make it to a safe place to hole up?

Vietnam Horror #1 – Small press horror/war book from Behemoth comics. I love Massimo Rosi’s work. In Vietnam, a unit of American soldiers is running an underground reconnaissance using men known as ‘Tunnel Rats,’ Colton Jones being one of them. Strange movements and unusual songs had been coming from a nearby mountain causing the men to be sent into the tunnels to search for members of the Viet Cong in hiding. However, inside of the mountain they’ll find something they could have never prepared for.

Picks of the Week
Carnage Black White & Blood #1 – Carnage is coming, everything Carnage is hot. New series I am grabbing the Gleason Web-head variant plus the Momoko Variant for the series.

Teen Titans Academy #1 – Red X is also hot. Mystery character joins the Titans Academy in this new series. Worth the grab.

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