Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 4/7/21

Every week hundreds of new books hit the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery 4/7/21

New #1’s
Silver Coin #1 – This new horror series looks great. Midtown sold out of all their covers but TFAW has them all, plus their variant.

Bloom #1 – Interesting looking new series from Hero Tomorrow Comics. Very psychedelic book. I had the chance to read it early on. 1969. Ramsey is an aspiring comic book artist who is trying to find inspiration for his femme fatale. When he meets wild dancer Regina at a street fair he invites her into the woods for a character photoshoot where she begins to “break on through to the other side.”

Death By Life #1 – Creepy looking new Antarctic Press book. The long Angelic Wars are over, but Death has been allowed to keep his powers to do his job, though under the watchful eye of the archangel Miridia. However, with empathy and other moral values at an all-time low, Death finds himself actually bored and fed up with his work. Then an event occurs that causes Death to feel something new to him: the touch of the living. The ramifications could shake the very foundations of existence!

Rise #1 – New Zombie series by George C Romero, the son of the godfather of zombie horror.

Magic (MTG) #1 – New comic series in the world of the hit collectible card game Magic the Gathering.

Returning Favorites
Star Wars High Republic Adventures #3 – These are just must gets. The new Star Wars books opening up an unexplored timeline, just must grab. Stash away a copy for later.

Star Wars High Republic #4 -See above, rinse, repeat for this main series.

ENIAC #2 – Come on, how can you go wrong with this series. First of all it was an awesome read, but second of all, the first issue went ballistic.

Nottingham #2 – Same as Eniac, how can you pass up the second issue of a hit series when the first issue blew up

DC Grabs
Batman #107 – a ton of new characters, spoilers have been posted. Need to see if any stick.

Next Batman Second Son #1 – The ongoing saga of Tim Fox Batman. Ties in to Future State Batman and Infinite Frontier

Mighty Marvel Must Haves
King In Black #5 – The end of Donny Cates massively sprawling Knull Saga. Spoilers are up shortly.

Venom #34 – Expect some plot holes from KIB #5 to be filled in here.

Variant of the Week
Demon Days One Shot 2nd Print J Scott Campbell Variant – I like any book that is selling for more than ratio. This one is over double the 1:25 ratio currently.

Small Press Picks of the Week
Geiger #1 – Something to be said about a book that is a great read, sold out at the distributor level before release, and already has an in demand 2nd print. Be on the look out for the Thank You Variant if you can find it cheap.

Tankers #1 – Anything Bad Idea has been blowing up. This is a must grab if you can find it in stores. Already selling for above cover.

Pick of the Week
BRZRKR #1 2nd Ptg – The Juggernaut of books this week. Selling for upwards of $100 in pre-sale. This is the book to get. Hoping no one buys them from Midtown at $100 each. Check Mycomicshop tonight and hope they do not pull the same.

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