Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 329th edition of the open forum!

Love to hear what you’re buying and selling this week.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

We are going to start the retirement of the open forum. Make sure to sign up for the CHU Forum so you don’t miss out on the conversation. The forum will be integrated into the messages at the bottom of each post, so you can get a head start by signing up. The site and the forum are open to anyone and everyone, of course, unless you have been trolling the site with nasty comments, then we really do not care to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

        1. It’s mostly about Tombstones Daughter and Robertson’s grandson having a relationship. There is a misunderstanding about her becoming good. Didn’t look interesting so I skipped over it.

  1. Ebay sales indicate higher prices for some new non-variants. Brzrkri 1 (2nd print), Death by life 1, Geiger 1, Nottingham 2 and Tanker 1.

    1. 3 days later, Comic book invest mention those 5 comics in top 10 list. But research on ebay can help discover hot comics early. There are far more modern back issues never mentioned.

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