Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 139

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up family. Sorry for no hidden gems in a few weeks, I have been busy with my new podcast, I am also writing a more adult content article for another comic site, and just been also dealing with the death of a friend, his name was Gus. He was a dealer for many years in the NYC/NJ area. He was an amazing person. He passed away from Covid-19 related illness. I will miss you my friend, thank you for everything over the years. Please get your shots, wash your hands, and wear those masks, lets send this damn illness back to where it came from. I have also been dealing with major cabin fever but I fight on. So thank you for reading this each and every time. Now lets make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that

1. Fantastic Fanzine #11 (1984 series) – true first preview kind of stuff, loving the old school pre-internet fanzine, brings back memories. This is special as it is an early Kevin Eastman Peter Laird TMNT cover and article and compared to things like, Amazing Heroes #107 and Nintendo Power #6 this can be had for $10 and under so happy hunting. Be careful though as there are replicas and photocopied bootlegs.

2. Power of Shazam Graphic Novel (1980’s) – can you smell what Black Adam is cooking? Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Black Adam will be amazing. I loved the trailer everyone is chasing Shazam #28 and if you have the means your chasing Marvel Family #1, which compared to other golden age keys, is cheap. Even the 52 Week books, especially 52 Weeks #3, 52 Weeks #12, 52 Weeks #23, 52 Weeks #45, are still super cheap. But what about the first Post Crisis appearance of Black Adam and Shazam? How about Black Adam appearances like Power of Shazam #10 and Power of Shazam #12? A lot of good source material out there. The graphic novel is like $5-10 and should be selling for $25-50 so get to work already

3. Topps Superman the Movie trading card series – first appearance in comics card. Wow did you all see the record breaking copy of Action Comics sell for 3 million this week? I want to congratulate my mentor, one of my best friends in the comic book dealing family, Vincent Z from Metropolis Comics. That sale is #awesomesauce. Well this card set has the cover to Action comics #1 on it and is a steal for $2 and if it is a nm card and can PSA’d and a PSA 10 that can be a sweet $50 but these non sport cards from the late 1970’s are mad cheap, so go make that money already

4. Comics Interview #116 – Neil Gaiman plus Death plus Sandman show equals money. Before the internet, things like Comics Interview, Comics Journal, and Wizard is how we got news and prices like we had to wait a month. I do believe once we get a casting notice for Death and a trailer for the Sandman show all Sandman keys, previews, and rarities will blow up like the 4th of July $20-40

5. Birds of Prey #8 who here read Nightwing #78 by Tom Taylor? It was the best Dick Grayson book since pre-flashpoint. The relationship between Barbara and Dick is going to be explored and it brought me back to this first kiss issue. Whenever Dick and Babs kiss the money is there other books on the list are nightwing annual #2 first ongoing series.dick almost pops the question to babs&nightwing
#4 from the new 52 this also has a combo pack edition happy hunting everyone

6. Dell Four Color #1084 – First Speedy Gonzales Cover. Please leave my Loony Toons alone? First it was Pepe Le Pew. Now it is Speedy. Whats next, Daffy Duck? This may be an unpopular opinion, but not everything created in the past may be “appropriate” for today, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken away. Just look at Starfire #6 it has gotten popular for Pepe on the cover. Speedy doesn’t have many comic book appearances. This is a Dell so it came out in the late 1950’s early 1960’s. Speedy is my boy, my homie, so hunt for this classic book and leave the Loony Toons alone

7. Action Comics #832 and Action Comics #844 – the CW is doing a great job on Superman and Lois. This is the best Superman show since Lois and Clark, due to Allison Mack. I have problems watching Smallville without making fun of Chloe every time she comes on screen. Dear Arrowverse can you have an older Chloe played by a different actress come on the show and then kill Chloe once and for all. Action Comics #832 is a story with the ghost of Sam Lane talking to his daughter Lois. Sam Lane is amazing in the show and the Lane family fighting is a major part of the show. Action Comics #844 is co-written by the superman 1978 director Richard Donner and features the first appearance of the son of Zod. Yes General Zod had a son with Usra. Clark and Lois were his foster parents and for a time almost was thought to be Clark’s son by birth. How cool would it be to see this kid on the show? If this show is all about Clark’s kids then how about we make it Jonathan and Jordan vs Chris zod? Seriously, how cool would that be we can even get Terence Stamp for a cameo? These books are mega cheap like $1-5 cheap. My other Superman family book for the week is……..

8. Supergirl #35 – first Lucy Lane a Superwoman. It looks as pieces of this storyline will make it into the Arrowverse. I hope they can bring Lucy with the same actress from Supergirl to return as this would reek of awesomness $10

Well that is it for this week. stay safe stay happy and remember please hug your loved ones every day
blind adam out

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  1. Black Adam and Suicide Squad 2 are going to be the films that revitalize DC movies…I just WB doesn’t drop the ball…. They probably will.

  2. The Action Comics #1 on the trading card doesn’t look to be an authentic first print. The running board isn’t yellow.

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