Tankers #1 Available on TFAW

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of Tankers #1 yet, it’s doing pretty well on the secondary market. Here is your chance to grab one at 10% off cover price.

Note, Tankers #1 is limited to one per person so you may want to grab a couple of other books to beef up the order.

The Star Wars High Republic #3 Walker 1:25 variant is still available for grabs as well. Might be something to throw in the cart to offset shipping costs.

12 thoughts on “Tankers #1 Available on TFAW”

  1. Yea the heck with paying secondary market prices. I seriously wanted to read this book. Thanks again everyone! The Chu is always the best.

  2. Can’t believe there are STILL copies available. I got one. It must not be as hot as we think or people don’t get it. They’re paying $30.

    If you are not reading Nocterra yet, do. It’s really good. It’s just a zombie apocalypse with a twist. A good twist. The story moves quickly with good character development and premise. Visually this would make an awesome TV series with electric semi’s and truck stops (ports). It’s really well thought out. I am glad to see Scott Snyder write something I want to read again. Also there’s not many interior artists better than Tony Daniel. He’s super underrated and a really good dude too. His interiors are Jim Lee like. To me I’ll take Jerome Opena, Tony Moore and Jim Lee for interiors over Tony Daniel, but that’s just my opinion, these guys aren’t better than Tony Daniel, I just like them more. He’s at the top 5 or so of my list for interior artists. I need to read Geiger now.

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