Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 04/26/2021 ?

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

Geiger #1 3rd Printing. Hit new series by Johns coming out of Image. I liked it so I’m onboard for this series (and the first prints are doing pretty good on the secondary), just hope it keeps up the story and momentum.

However, don’t stare at this cover too long, it took awhile for the effects to wear off for me.

It might not heat up but Transformers Back to the Future #4 Variant B (Design Blueprint Variant) is just awesome. I’m buying it just for the cover alone to go along with some of the previous issues cause well, Back to the Future and Deloreans are awesome and turning the Delorean into a Transformer only makes it cooler.

The TMNT Best of Splinter #1 is on FOC. For those that have been picking up the others for the other Turtles, this is a must. The Donatello and Raphael are doing quite well on the secondary market as well.

If you’re a Francavilla fan like myself, the Legends of the Dark Knight #1 is a likely must. It’s got a heavy price tag but hopefully worth it. I was a huge Legends of the Dark Knight reader back in my youthful hey days of collecting comics.

Star Wars High Republic #1 gets a 5th printing along with Star Wars High Republic #2 with a 4th printing and Star Wars High Republic #3 with a 3rd printing.


And since we’ve got a lot of High Republic action going on, for you people who like to actually read books without a lot of pictures (I know, not as fun when there’s no pictures), there’s a new Novel I just noticed for High Republic called Rising Storm. It’s not on FOC but definitely a must for you Star Wars die hards.

BRZRKR #2 is getting a 2nd printing already. BOOM! certainly acting like BOOM! with their additional printing shenanigans. Could be worthy though in some flipping for those who do fall prey to FOMO.

I’m sure retailers will be soon telling us they ordered X amount of these and only getting Y amount. BOOM! loves the word allocation. They want you to demand their stuff.

Buy/Pre-order from TFAW here.

Also noteworthy, for you rich folks with no max comic budgets, you can now find TFAW listing their 1:1000 BRZRKR CGC SS for a cool $2,999.99


Did you get your copies of Batman Fortnite Zero Point #2? No, well, the 2nd print is on FOC this Sunday. Might not be a bad gamble. The first prints for #1 are starting to see some listings upwards of $10. Maybe these continue to creep up..  it’s a wait and see game though.

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  1. I would be careful with the second print of batman fortnite 2. Comic shops will be getting calls for this book abs number 1 until the May 4th release of #1 second print. There will be no shortages

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