Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 6/2/21

Every week, hundreds of new books hit the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery 6/2/21

Big week for new series. Here is what is on tap for Wednesday.

Notable Reprints
Shadecraft #1 3rd Ptg – Good series, coming to TV, great 2nd print cover.

Proctor Valley Road #1 2nd Ptg Cover
You Promised Me Darkness #1 2nd Ptg – Same as above, cool 2nd print cover, optioned comic….

Returning Favorites
Batman Fortnite Zero Point #4 – includes code for Deathstroke glider.

Tankers #2 – second issue of the fun/cheesy Bad Idea book. These have been great reads and awesome flips.

New #1s
Worst Dudes #1 – The book so dirty it’ll turn your other comics yellow! A dirty cop, a drugged-up back-up dancer, and an angsty adolescent god; the absolute worst dudes in the galaxy are on a raunch-filled hunt for a missing pop star. It’s a hilarious, aggressively weird, willfully vulgar detective story from noted reprobates Aubrey Sitterson (No One Left to Fight, The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling) and Tony Gregori (Deuce of Hearts, Karma Police). * Heavy metal with a humorous bent. * For Mature Readers.

Crush & Lobo #1 – You know if Crush was introduced in the past year, she would be spec gold. Anyway, this focuses on Lobo and his daughter Crush.

Basilisk #1 – A new Boom Book that will not sneak up on anyone, but still worth grabbing a cover A since there are so many store variants on it. Who Can Stop The Chimera? Five individuals bound by a cult-like hivemind, they terrorized small towns with their horrifying supernatural sense-based powers, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Regan, one of the Chimera, escaped and has been in hiding, with her murderous eyes bound, overcome with guilt. Until now… when a victim from her past forces her to hunt down the other four of her kind. New York Times bestselling horror writer Cullen Bunn (Harrow County) and artist Jonas Scharf (Avengers Of The Wasteland) reunite to unleash a supernatural horror series for fans of Killadelphia and Stillwater rooted in the way we process the world – our senses.

Blood Skulls And Chrome #1 – The Texas-based outlaw motorcycle club, The Steel Knights have lost a big deal from the Mexican Cartel to rival the Lake Street Boyz gang. When the two reckless members of the MC kill the cartel’s liaison, the MC soon find themselves fighting for survival against the threats from outside and within.

Moths #1 – New AWA comic, gorgeous cover. Emily Kai has immense power inside her. However, the moment she taps into it a clock starts. She will have only six months to live. As Emily enters into this journey, she contemplates how to use her gifts to bring beauty into the world in the limited time she has to use them.

Out Of Body #1 – New Aftershock Book. When Dan Collins wakes to finds his life hanging by a thread, he must use his astral projection to discover who tried to kill him. Who is the beautiful mystic who tries to help him? Why does August Fryne want Dan’s soul – and what does it have to do with a demon who seems to be Do-rian Gray? A weird, occult detective thriller about life, death – and whatever lies in between. From award-winning comic book writer Peter Milligan (X-Force, X-Statix) and artistic sensation Inaki Miranda (WE LIVE, Harley Quinn) comes an awesome new dimension in horror and mystery!

Rick And Morty Ricks New Hat #1 – Rick and Morty comics had lost their luster, especially the one shots and mini series. Then, boom, a spinoff is announced and you see Rick and Morty books moving again. This is a fun little crossover worth picking up.

Nice House On The Lake #1 – just to be clear, this one is not sneaking up on anyone. There are a ton of store exclusives for it. Tynion has won me over with books like SIKTC and Department of Truth, plus his horror mag. Grab a copy to read and one to hold.

Cover of the Week

Star Wars War Of The Bounty Hunters #1 Giuseppe Camuncoli Wraparound Cover – Thanks to Alana on the forum for this one. People love Star Wars and Star Wars first appearances, who is the mystery white robed character on the cover. Is this a first? Spoilers later.

Small Press Pick of the Week
Black-Jack Demon #1 – I have a feeling this one will be exceptionally hard to find. A boy crosses the American old west in search of the stranger that brutally murdered his father after destroying their family mine. Bent on revenge, the young man soon realizes that this simple killer is something much, much darker. The Black-Jack Demon is a genre-breaking Western revenge tale focused on young Silas’ journey through the changing American landscape, following the trail of carnage left behind by the mysterious figure that caused the boy’s loss and pain.

Picks of the Week
DC Horror Presents The Conjuring The Lover #1

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