Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 6/9/21

Every week, hundreds of new books hit the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery 6/9/21

Returning Favorites
Black Hammer Visions #5 – I love Black Hammer, this issue features a new Catwoman/Black Cat type villain.

Junky Cable #2 – If you haven’t read the first issue, I recommend hunting it down. Very Cool small press book, about a husband and wife team criminal team searching for their daughter. Not for kids, but definitely cool.

New #1’s
Secret Land #1 – Awesome new Dark Horse alternate history fiction comic. Hitler’s dead. Ben and Katherine are supposed to be together, happy. Instead, Ben fights the war in the Pacific with the reckless heroism of one who believes his fiancĂ©e killed in action. Yet, Katharine lives, undercover and about to arrive at the Third Reich’s last bastion. Something is waiting for her there, for all of them, and it is hungry.

Six Sidekicks Of Trigger Keaton #1 – the preview for this book was pretty awesome. Looks to be another cool read from Image.

Heroes Reborn Night-Gwen #1 – Fan fave Gwen Stacey (Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider) gets the “Heroes Reborn” treatment.

Freak Snow #1 – A frozen apocalyptic story in the spirit of Mad Max, Fallout, and Borderlands meets Tarantino. It begins with Berny, a psychedelic addict surviving in a glacial wasteland. A fight with brutal gunslingers ensues and crazy hallucinations lead our weird hero on a quest to find the hole of truth… Yeah, a mystic hole that tells the truth. The only thing we can promise is: a lot of death!

Cherry Blackbird #1 – I picked this one up last week, but some stores will be getting it this week. Very unusual “girl sells her soul to the devil for fame” story. For grownups only. Totally cool comic from the demented mind of Joseph Schmalke (Murder Hobo and Phantom Starkiller)

Notable Reprints
Red Sonja #1 Dynamite Edition – Dynamite is putting out a facsimile of Red Sonja #1 from 1977 Marvel Comics.

Eve #1 2nd Ptg – New fan favorite Boom series going back for a second print with a new cover. Issue #2 is out tomorrow as well and has a sweet killer B cover.

Small Press Pick of the Week
Bunny Mask #1 – Looking forward to this new Paul Tobin horror series with art by Andrea Mutti out from Aftershock. Sealed in a cave before the dawn of man, released by a crazed madman, Bunny Mask walks our world once more. But for what dark purpose does she use her unnatural powers? And what’s her connection to Bee Foster, a young girl murdered by her father fourteen years ago? In order to save his life – and his sanity – one man will have to discover the truth of what waits behind the mask. The Zoe Lacchei store exclusive is going for $50

Pick of the Week
W.E.B. Of Spider-Man #1 – Lots of buzz going in on this book before release. I pre-ordered copies of the Attraction variant over a month back and glad I did. The big news on the book is Harley Keener becomes part of the Marvel Comic Universe, he is the kid from the Iron Man movie. As a result of the buzz, we are seeing high sales of the Attraction Variant at $30 pre-sale, and asking prices going up from there. Be sure to check tonight to see if they have them in.

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