Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 6/30/21

Every week, hundreds of new books hit the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery this Wednesday

This is the dreaded “Fifth Week Edition” the fifth week is when publishers normally put out one shots or annuals as there are five Wednesdays in the month, and they don’t want to mess up their normal publishing schedule. So here is what is on tap this week.

New #1’s
Parasomnia #1 – New Cullen Bunn. I do not know how he puts out so much content. But always enjoy his work.

Barbaric #1 – very cool looking new Vault Comics book. Owen the Barbarian has been cursed to do good with what remains of his life. His bloodthirsty weapon, Axe, has become his moral compass with a drinking problem. Together they wander the realm, foredoomed to help any who seek assistance. But there is one thing Owen hates more than a life with rules: Witches. Welcome to the skull-cracking, blood-splattering, mayhem-loving comic brave enough to ask: How can a man sworn to do good do so much violence? Hah! F***ing with you. It’s just…BARBARIC

Darling #1 – New Source Point Press book. With all of New York City enveloped in the zeitgeist of a missing 8-year old girl, loveable anti-hero Francis Darling accidentally stumbles onto the machinations behind her kidnapping and the drug war that ensues. But has he really? A bit like chasing the Mad Hatter through a toxic chemical cloud, Francis’ strange and inconceivable journey brings us uncomfortably close to NYC’s most crooked… most deviant… most irredeemable characters; the kind that can only be extricated from the drug-addled guilty conscience of a failing brain.

United States Of Captain America #1 – People have been talking a lot about a young, gay, Captain America, Aaron Fischer who is making his full first appearance this issue.

Notable Reprints
Basilisk #1 2nd Ptg – Great looking 2nd print cover for the new Boom series.

We Live #1 4th Ptg – Great series that continues to get love.

We Live #5 3rd Ptg – the issue that really got people talking about the series is going back for a third printing.

Returning Favorites
ENIAC #4 – The first regular release title from Bad Idea is still a great read. Looking forward to this one.

Red Room #2 – a very cool concept book, think

Department Of Truth #10 – The Bigfoot issue. I have been looking forward to this one.

Star Wars High Republic #6 = Jedi vs Hutt this issue, but the cover with the Jedi riding the Rancor is just awesome.


Ones to Watch
X-Factor #10 – The solicitation is interesting “At the Hellfire Gala, SECRETS WILL BE REVEALED! • VENGEANCE WILL BE HAD. • And someone’s number is up. You’ll never guess whose.” We will have spoilers tonight. But this one is getting talked up, so be on the look out. Check for copies tonight.

Black Cat Annual #1 – New team for Black Cat as well as new characters.

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #11 – The bounty hunter Durge makes an appearance. This has been talked about a bit as it may be his first in Marvel comics

Pick of the Week
White #1 – Let’s give it up for FOMO!! A book you probably didn’t want is now on the top of the list for hunts as Black Mask announced it would be limited to 2500 copies. Sales on this one are already up to $50 on eBay with copies being listed even higher. If you are really interested in the book, wait for the Second Printing or grab one of the cheaper store variants.

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  1. White #1

    Black Masks own website says it had over forty thousand orders for the book and now have a second print. I’m not sure which numbers are actually accurate.

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