Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 7/14/21

Every week, hundreds of new books hit the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery this Wednesday

Returning Favorites
Bunny Mask #2 – Creepy new horror series goes into its second issue. Great read

Eve #3 – Awesome new Boom series, pick up the first two, very cool book.

New #1’s
Beyond The Breach #1 – New Aftershock series from Ed Brisson. Should make for a good read. BEYOND THE BREACH is a fantastical sci-fi road trip adventure about perseverance and finding family in unexpected places.

Aliens Aftermath #1 – FOR ALIENS’ 35TH ANNIVERSARY, A RETURN TO HADLEY’S HOPE! It’s been 35 years since the tragedy of the Hadley’s Hope colony, but what happened to that ill-fated venture has been shrouded in mystery. A renegade crew of investigative journalists are heading towards the moon that Weyland-Yutani has wiped from all records, and they’ll bring back the truth even if it kills them…and what remains in that bombed out site will try to do just that. Benjamin Percy and Dave Wachter imagine a terrifying possible future for LV-426 in this celebration of the 35th Anniversary of one of the most influential science fiction films of all time!

Sinister War #1 – New Spider-man crossover.

No Ghosts In Hiroshima #1 – New Scout Comics series. Dr. James Henricherson is racked with guilt because of a mistake he made many years ago. He believes he has unwittingly condemned an innocent soul to eternal suffering and pain. In an attempt to set things right, he has worked for years to invent a way to free this soul from Hell. But Dr. Henricherson’s efforts have stirred demonic attention by those who see this as a way to seize power in Hell. Chased by these demons, Dr. Henricherson is badly injured and is forced to hand over his discoveries to his prize pupil, a medical intern named Dr. Gabriel Oldman, imploring him to deliver a briefcase to an old friend before it’s too late!

Notable Reprints
Nice House On The Lake #1 2nd Ptg – Tynion’s awesome new horror book goes back for a second printing There is also a character design ratio variant for it.

W.E.B. Of Spider-Man #1 Cover D 2nd Ptg – Uber-hot first appearance of Harley Keener

Cherry Blackbird #1 2nd Ptg – Over the top new scout series gets a second print.

Canto III Lionhearted #1 – Third volume of the fan favorite Canto kicks off here.

For the Cover

HAHA #6 Cover B – Haha kicked off the Dr. Seuss craze, these children’s book homages are a must.

Black Hammer Visions #6 Dan Brereton Cover – I have loved Dan’s work since the Nocturnals. He does an excellent take on Cthu-Lou

Small Press Pick of the Week
Spare Parts #1 – Based on the upcoming Raven Banner and RLJE movie releasing in theaters this summer, Spare Parts features a group of women that get lost on a random dirt road. A tow truck driver arrives and tows them to his junkyard. Everything seems normal until they wake up with weapons for limbs, and thrown into the fight of their lives.

Pick of the Week
The Lot #1 – New Bad Idea series. Awesome looking book. New York Times best-selling writer Marguerite Bennett (Animosity, A-Force) and artist Renato Guedes (DCeased: Hope at World’s End) present a terrifying vision of horror and Hollywood in the boldly bloody Bad Idea manner!

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