Spec Alert: Basilisk #1 2nd Printing

You might of already heard by now about Basilisk #1 2nd Printing. If so, great. If not, well, here’s a reason why you should seek it out if you happen to be hitting the shops:

There’s a preview of the upcoming Enter the House of Slaughter (FCBD edition already being listed at $10 and up on secondary) within it that’s making waves in the secondary market already. With the secondary market success of Something is Killing the Children, speculators and collectors are seeking this out as it’s supplies are going to be limited in anticipation of the actual first issue, making this one in high demand.

So be on the look out, it’s a decent flip if you can find for cover. Most of the cheaper copies $30 and under are wiped from eBay, now the prices are trending upward with the few listings.

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