American Cancer Society Partners With Heroes For Causes To Bring You Center Ice

Fourteen-year-old Weston Herman is a four-time, brain cancer survivor who has battled through multiple surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy. His positivity and passion to help others make him the ultimate comic book superhero, Center Ice. Fighting cancer both on and off the rink, facing the nefarious Mr. I (an acronym for the outdated technology used in cancer treatments) and his legion of evil robots, Center Ice is a story of hope, activism, and the power of thinking beyond yourself to help others. Copies of the comic book will be shared with childhood cancer patients through partnering hospitals and other entities. Copies scan be purchased at American Cancer Society Discovery locations ( and on eBay. Donations to support the cause can be made at

The project was created by Jeremiah Stemple, Joseph A. Michael, and Donovan Petersen, co-founders of Heroes 4 Causes, which aims to bring hope and smiles to every child through superheroes like Center Ice. Stemple explained, “Growing up chronically ill, I always felt alone and misunderstood. I want to try and prevent as many kids as possible from feeling the same way I did. We hope our comics will help spread enough awareness, education, and inspiration to do exactly that!”

Michael added, “When a child puts on a cape, they forget about the world’s worries, if even for a moment. It’s our mission to promote hope and healing by connecting children with their very own superhero to look up to. And to let them know, that true superheroes, like Weston, are more real than they imagined.” Petersen also shared his reason for joining the cause. “I think I’ve loved comic books since I’ve been able to read. Larger than life characters doing the impossible. The opportunity to share the story of true-life heroes facing insurmountable odds, picking themselves up no matter how often they’re knocked down, and overcoming all that life throws at them… well, how can I not help tell those stories?! It’s been an honor to work with the American Cancer Society on Center Ice and hope that together we can make a real difference for cancer patients everywhere.”

Herman concluded, “With the Center Ice comic book, I hope to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research while inspiring others to never give up on their dreams. Stay positive and find your passion to create the life you want with courage. Continue to fight and never give up.”

Donations and proceeds from the project support the American Cancer Society’s Gold Together initiative dedicated to increasing awareness of childhood cancer, supporting families facing a diagnosis, and raising funds to end childhood cancer. Since 2014, Gold Together has raised more than $2.25 million to support childhood cancer initiatives. Center Ice’s debut is set to coincide with September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. One in 266 children and adolescents will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20.

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