Top Ten for Week of 9/24/21

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Since  came bagged on the scene, they have become a go to spot for watching eBaytrends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics: (Please note, potential spoilers do follow, and, these results are for auction that closed last week. )

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#10 RED ROOM #4 JIM RUGG (1:10) | FANTAGRAPHICS | 2021
Take a hot low-printed indie series and then throw in an incentive homage featuring a massively popular character like Spawn, you then get this book which sold 23 copies last week, had a 7-day trend of 91% and had a high raw sale of $48.

This issue features the first full appearance of Marvel Zombies. If you missed the awesome WHAT IF? Disney+ episode featuring the Marvel Zombies, then go watch it! It was fantastic and left us all wanting more. Fans of the episode rushed online shortly after to finally pick up all the key Marvel Zombies issues. This first appearance sold 24 copies this week with a 7-day trend of 93% and had a high raw sale of $70.

#8 NEW AVENGERS #11 | MARVEL | 2005
If you watched the recent HAWKEYE trailer for Disney+, then you noticed Kate Bishop initially taking on the role of Ronin, whose first appearance is in this issue (though it’s Echo in the suit). That brief appearance sparked renewed interest in the suit’s first appearance and sold 16 copies, had a 7-day trend of 157% and had a high raw sale of $50.

Miles Mania is still here. In fact, there are rumors that he COULD appear in NO WAY HOME. While that film has enough going on for it, his first appearance is on its way back up, selling 26 copies which had a 7-day trend of 99% and had a high sale of $2,600 for a CGC 9.8. Though these days, Miles doesn’t need that much help to find his way back on this list.

Black Mask’s return to comics shops with WHITE continues to capture market heat. This scarce title is a tough one to find in person, hence the high online market trends with 21 copies sold, a 7-day trend of 162% and a high raw sale of $43.

While packed with 1st appearance, Kate Bishop’s first in this issue could be adding extra fuel to the Young Avengers fire. Though, this book has a lot going for it and is clearly one of the key books for Marvel phase 4. This week, it sold 24 copies, had a 7-day trend of 138% and had a high sale of $1,167 for a CGC 9.8.

#4 BLACK KNIGHT #1 | MARVEL | 1990
The market is finally waking up to the potential that Black Knight (Dane Whitman) brings to the upcoming Eternals film and post content. Speculation believes that he’ll play a crucial role in the long-term/overall phase 4 storyline. After collectors were priced out of his first appearance in Avengers #48, they have moved on to this first ongoing series for the character. It sold 25 copies, had a 7-day trend of 287% and had a high sale of $375 for a CGC 9.8.

#3 HAWKEYE #1 | MARVEL | 2016
This holdover from last week highlights the market’s love for the “first ongoing series issue”. With the core first appearance books going crazy, collectors then throw into the next best book, which is this one. It sold 81 copies, had a 7-day trend of 139% and had a high sale of $270 for a CGC 9.8.

#2 GRENDEL #1 | COMICO | 1986
Per Deadline, “Netflix Orders ‘Grendel’ Series Based On Dark Horse Comic With Abubakr Ali To Star, 8 More Cast”. This has set a fire under all Grendel key books, especially his first appearance in PRIMER #2 COMICO 1982. However, despite the series focusing on the male version of Grendel, the market jumped all over this series, which featured the female Grendel (Christine Spar). Since Primer issue #2 and the Grendel 1983 3-issue series are so expensive and hard to find, collectors still bought this issue up with 71 copies sold, a 7-day trend of 217% and had a high sale of $119 for a CGC 9.6.

This highly anticipated cover featured a gorgeous take on Miles Morales, moving a massive 161 copies with a 7-day trend of 109% and had a high raw sale of $35. However, due to market flooding, copies are currently selling for $15 to $20.

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