Spoilers: Timeless #1 – A Marvel of an Ending

More of the revelations, and breakdowns below:

Punisher, leader of the Hand, with a new symbol (this just came out in the comic book news the other day)

The moon being blown up and the flag (no clue where this is going to play in), I believe the flag is from the Botanical group in X-Men

Iron Man in the God Suit, which we have seen in the pages of Iron Man

MJ as Spider-Man vs. what appears to be Storm as Black Panther.

Winter Soldier returns to shoot Cap.

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3 thoughts on “Spoilers: Timeless #1 – A Marvel of an Ending”

  1. Miss Minutes isn’t even in the book? Only the cover? If that’s true then I wonder if this book ends up being like Deadpool’s Secret Secret War 2 with Gwenpool on the cover and people refusing to call it her first appearance.

      1. Jack of Hearts is returning by way of the FF event by Dan Slott, Reckoning War.

        I’m interested to know more about this new Young Avengers team.

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