One Week Later Report for January 13th, 2022

Welcome to the first One Week Later Report for 2022. It’s been a while since the last time I got a chance to do these weekly updates.

This week we’ll mainly cover the books released on 01/05/2022, which was last weeks released titles and books.

These can be books that were simply overlooked or we anticipated getting hot, total surprise winners and perhaps books that got hyped, ending up as complete duds. Also could be a good list to use when out picking up this weeks books for you Wednesday Warriors..

Apache Delivery Service #1 was a new Kindt/Jenkins title out from Dark Horse that sold out pretty quickly at most online retailers.

Although it’s not on fire and most can be now found for around cover or a little over cover, some sales peaked around the $15 range. If you missed out, now’s the time to maybe grab a copy or two to stash while they’re still cheap for the long term gamble.


Batman #119 Foil Variant with cover art by Jock is a winner if you were able to snag at a lower price.

Seems most sales put this one around the $40 to $50 range on average. I think this one is a long term hold though, as supplies run dry, there will be Batman + Jock fans seeking this one out. It’s what I’d say could be a slow grower.

Darkhold Omega #1 sold out at most online shops pretty quickly. Not a lot of love on the secondary market yet but did see some sales dip over cover price at times. Still a pretty cool regular cover.

More of a noteworthy mention, Elektra Black White & Blood #1 had a Jonboy Meyers variant that is sold out at most retailers but still selling for cover price range on the secondary market.

If you missed out, now’s the time to buy. We’ve see his covers heat up in the past so there’s still potential. The pose is nothing new for him but it’s still a kickass cover if you ask me.

The big winner coming out of last week goes to Thor #20 which gave us the first appearance of The God of Hammers.

It’s currently an easy $20 book and it’ll be interesting to see how it compares with the next issue in Thor #21.

Another mention goes to Doctor Aphra #17 Forbes Variant. Just a sweet cover. Sold out at most online retailers but can still be found on eBay at cover price.

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