Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call January 16/17th 2022 ?

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

It’s a smaller week for FOC but here’s the highlight books I got my eyes on.

Apache Delivery Service #2 is a great new series. First issue sold out pretty quickly at most online retailers, can still find these on secondary for cheap though. It’s got potential for sure.

Apache Delivery Service #2 (Leonardo Romero Variant Cover)

Apache Delivery Service #2

Just a sweet sweet Superlog variant for Devils Reign Superior Four #2 (of 3).

Devils Reign Superior Four #2 (of 3) (Superlog Variant)

Should probably pay attention to Hulk #4 and most of these issues. Love or hate Cates, he does bring buzz to the titles he’s writing, even if the story isn’t the greatest. He certainly knows how to boost Marvel’s publication numbers for sure.

There’s also a 1:25 Gist variant for you fans, which I think is a pretty cool variant.

Hulk #4

Does anyone care about Iron Fist anymore? Some might so Iron Fist #1 could be a worthy pickup as it’s got a new Iron Fist taking the mantle.

Iron Fist #1 (Dragotta X-Gwen Variant)
Iron Fist #1 (Nauk Variant)

Iron Fist #1

It’s a must pickup. Star Wars High Republic Eye of Storm #2 has all kinds of potential on so many levels. Most if not all Star Wars titles should not get overlooked.

Star Wars High Republic Eye of Storm #2 (Noto Variant)

Star Wars High Republic Eye of Storm #2

Thor #20 (2nd Ptg Klein Variant). Second prints and beyond can turn out to be great spec flips, now or down the road. The 1:25 Variant will be the winner though if the new character stays popular or gets used more often in the future.

Thor #20 (2nd Ptg Klein Variant)

Life Zero #1 (Cover A – Checchetto) could be an interesting title and read coming out of Ablaze.

Life Zero #1 (Cover A - Checchetto)

Radio Apocalypse #2 (Cover A – Radhakrishnan) is a must for me. Love this writer, rarely disappoints.

Radio Apocalypse #2 (Cover B)

Radio Apocalypse #2 (Cover A - Radhakrishnan)

Really digging this Meyers for Joker #12 (Cover C – Jonboy Meyers Variant).

Joker #12 (Cover C - Jonboy Meyers Variant)

That’s all the highlights I got for this weeks FOC titles.


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