Poyo’s Spec & Picks for February 16th, 2022

Welcome to this weeks spec. This is where we pick the winners each week we (or shall I say myself) think will be spec worthy, a great read or just cool looking art on the cover.

Marvel Picks

Devil’s Reign Superior Four #2 Superlog variant is just pure awesomeness if you ask me.

Another bad ass cover is Amazing Spider-Man #89 by Gleason. Already sold out at most retailers I checked. Just a cool cover of the new Goblin Queen.

The love hate relationship with Cates continues in Hulk #4 for a lot of folks it seems. Can’t deny he brings buzz to whatever title he’s writing. I like this regular cover though. The Gist Variant is pretty cool if you can find or snag for cheap.

Hulk #4

There’s a new Iron Fist in Iron Fist #1. Might be worthy of a pickup.

The other Cates title that has made a splash recently with buzz is Thor and Thor #22 continues the God of Hammers storyline.

DC Picks

Not a whole lot coming out of DC this week but I do like the ratio cover for Detective Comics #1053 by Fornes.

Indie & Small Publisher Picks

Canto III Lionhearted #6 1:10 ratio is just awesome. Love this art style. I bet a lot of shops didn’t qualify and if they did, they didn’t get too many of these as interests seems to wane towards the end of these types of mini-series.

Another pick for the cover art goes to Transformers #40 by Brokenshire.

Forsaken #1 (of 6) looks pretty awesome. I hoping for a good read but I’m really digging the cover art as well. Already sold out at Midtown.

Iron Head #1 looks like some bloody good fun reading. Sold out at Midtown and others, none listed on eBay from a quick search.

Garth Ennis is great at writing war related stories. So this one, Lion & Eagle #1 (Cover A – Bradstreet), is a must for me, despite not being a huge fan of the large format it’s going to be in.

Lion & Eagle #1 (Cover A - Bradstreet)

Long ago I read Mother Russia, which was a 3 issue mini-series and it was fantastic. So now we get Mother Russia Winter Special (One-Shot) which I’m looking forward to.

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