One (Several) Week Later Report for February 16th, 2022

This week we’ll be covering the books released on 01/26/2022 and for February 2nd/9th 2022 as well, to see how things are going for the spec and secondary market from the past few weeks as I’ve been slacking on these updates.

These can be books that were simply overlooked or we anticipated getting hot, total surprise winners and perhaps books that got hyped, ending up as complete duds. Also could be a good list to use when out picking up this weeks books for you Wednesday Warriors..

Back on January 26th, we got our first look at Tosin in Black Panther #3. Some are claiming “next Miles Morales”..  I think it’s a little too soon for that but it still caught some heat from demand, making you flippers happy if you got your copies at cover price or less.

Recent sales are putting the regular cover around the $50 range. The Gary Frank variant is hovering around the $35 range and the 1:25 Clarke variant is seeing $200+. Recent bid auctions put one at $355 that looked NM but another one that had issues went for a whopping $265, which was surprising.

Another book out on January 26th was the Mary Jane Black Cat One-Shot Hughes variant. If you scored this one for cheap, could be a worthy flip as it’s seeing sales around the $130 to $170 range.

If you got your listings in early, you likely squeezed out a little more profit for Thor #21 which gave us the first for the new God of Hammers.

This is now a $7 to $10 book on average from a quick sales skimming while the 1:25 variant is fetching just a little over what most retailers list them at (except Midtown, who listed theirs at $80), a recent auction put this one around $40.

Duel #1 was the hot indie from this same last week of January. Things have settled down a bit and it’s now a solid $10 to $15 book on average.

Some turd did pay $69 for a NM+ copy on February 11th though when most other copies were $20 or so. Shill bid or just someone with too much money I suppose.

Red Sonja Valentines Day Special (2022) #1 Virgin Variant by Sozomaika is a must for this new rising artist. Most shops likely listed this one around the $25 to $35 range but it’s fetching $60 and up on a good day. For those who want to cut the price down can buy the cover with dressing.

Amazing Spider-Man #88 gave us the new Goblin Queen. It’s now around a $10 book on a good day.

Daredevil Woman without Fear #2 gave us a pretty kick ass homage variant by Fornes. It’s selling well on the secondary market, reaching as high as $80 on a good day for some recent sales.

Star Wars Adventures #14 Brokenshire Variant was a winner.

Most solds were around the cover price range but a recent sold went for $15.

Avengers #53 saw some love, with some sales hovering around the $10 mark. The Black History month variant was and is seeing some sales upwards of $20.

A lot of buzz over Star Wars Darth Vader #20 Sprouse variant that gave us the first comic/cover appearance of the Mando and Grogu got some talking allocations and other nonsense. This is around a $10-$15 book on average and is fairly easy to obtain. Even Midtown still has them but listing them at $15 a piece.

Land of the Living Gods #1 was a new Aftershock book that is seeing some love. Averaging around the $13-$15 range, easy sell if you intended to flip. Not big profits but if you bought a two, selling 1 pays for both.

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