Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 3/23/22

Every week, tons of new books hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery this Wednesday

Small week for spec. Hopefully something ends up popping. Here is what is on tap for tomorrow.

Venom Lethal Protector #1 – Before Carnage and space gods, clones and toxins, and the revelation that he was a father, Eddie Brock was a down-on-his-luck reporter who had tried to take his own life and been saved by an extraterrestrial alien. This all-new story set in the character’s earliest days welcomes Venom co-creator DAVID MICHELINIE back into the symbiote hive with open arms, as he and rising star IVAN FIORELLI unite to tell a new, horrifying tale that not only revisits the wicked web-slinger’s past, but hints at what’s to come in his future!

Count Crowley Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter #1 – Absolutely loved the first Count Crowley mini-series about a late night horror host becoming a monster hunter. Campy horror fun.

Stranger Things Kamchatka #1 – Stranger things will be returning soon. This series fills in some of the gaps.

Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 – When Rita Repulsa uses an ancient artifact to transport herself to a universe without Power Rangers, she finds herself on a world with aliens, kaiju, and . . . Godzilla! Hoping to annihilate this new foe, Rita hurls her own terrible creatures into battle. But she never expects that the Rangers have followed her to this alternate reality! Now, the Dinozords themselves are going head-to-head with the King of the Monsters! Written by superstar scribe Cullen Bunn

Rogues #1 – Ten years ago, the Rogues disbanded and went their separate ways. But time hasnt been kind to the former blue-collar super-criminals. Caught in an endless cycle of prison, rehab, dead-end jobs, broken relationships, probation, and endless restitution fees, the Rogues are sick of paying for their crimes. Luckily, Captain Cold has a plan. One last job that will leave them all richer than their wildest dreams and free from their past…if they can survive. This is the Rogues as youve never seen them before, reimagined by the incredible talents of master storytellers Leomacs (Basketful of Heads) and Joshua Williamson (Batman, The Flash, Infinite Frontier). DC Black Label presents Rogues, a neo-noir heist that will make your blood run cold…

Wolverine Patch #1 – Larry Hama returns with a story set before his original run on WOLVERINE! The mutant known as LOGAN has made a name for himself on the mysterious island of MADRIPOOR, where the locals know him as PATCH. From their haunt at the PRINCESS BAR, what starts as a simple recon mission lands PATCH and ARCHIE knee-deep in a paramilitary struggle that will surface some SURPRISE REVELATIONS and characters! And is that NICK FURY, DIRECTOR OF S.H.I.E.L.D.? Yes, two patches for the price of one! A must-have for long-standing readers, and a welcome entry point for new readers of WOLVERINE!

Armorclads #1 – New Valiant series. Explore a brand new corner of the Valiant Universe! In a distant solar system, advanced mechs known as Armorclads are used to fight wars and build worlds. On Xeru, genetically engineered workers live out their short lives mining a valuable mineral called The Pure in construction-class mechs known as Ironclads. When one of their own is killed, the Ironclads’ world is turned upside down and they defy their oppressors. Along the way, they’ll discover they’re embroiled in a mystery dating back centuries that could change the world forever-as long as they band together.

Vampire Macabre Halloween Special – Asylum Press has been putting out great horror books for a while. This is a new anthology one shot

Notable Reprints

Avengers #53 2nd Ptg – Red Panther takes to the cover on this issue

Mary Jane & Black Cat Beyond #1 (One Shot) 2nd Ptg – Blue color swap back ground on the JSC Cover.

For the Cover

Red Sonja #7 Sozomaika Cover – Sozomaika is a rising star and her previous Red Sonja work blew up. Worth a grab

Star Wars Darth Vader #21 – Moff Gideon from the Mandalorian gets his cover appearance.

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #19 – First full comic cover appearance of Bo Katan.

Small Press Pick of the Week
Ghost Cage #1 – The highly anticipated follow-up project from critically lauded EAST OF WEST artist NICK DRAGOTTA! This ALL-NEW, EXTRA-LENGTH LIMITED SERIES teams artistic dynamo DRAGOTTA with rising-star writer CALEB GOELLNER (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures). When his megacorp power plant falls under attack by terrorists, the super-scientist who revolutionized and controls all energy on Earth sends his ultimate creation (and an adequate employee) in to destroy his most monstrous secrets.

Pick of the Week
We Have Demons #1 – Scott Snyder! Greg Capullo! Since the very dawn of man, legends have been told of the conflict between angel and demon-kind. Lam Lyle, a woman of science, dismissed these stories as just that–fiction. But when the loss of a loved one leads to the discovery of a hulking, benevolent demon named Hellvis, Lam realizes that her life is about to undergo a dire new direction. With a newfound partner and awesome powers now at her disposal, our hero suddenly finds herself thrust into a climactic war of good and evil with no less than the fate of the world hanging in the balance

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