CovrPrice.Com Runners-Up for Week of 6/17/22

As promised, the runners-up list. The second half of the Top 20.

#11 HULK #1 | MARVEL | 2008
All speculation broke loose after news broke that Jake Schreier was tapped as director for the Thunderbolts movie. Who would be part of the Thunderbolts team? One of the popular choices was the Red Hulk, Thaddeus Ross. Sadly, William Hurt passed away this year, back in March. However, that hasn’t stopped speculators from buying into Red Hulk’s first cover appearance (he appears green in the interior artwork and doesn’t appear as Red Hulk until issue #2). We tracked 14 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 145%, with a high sale of $320 for a CGC 9.8.

#12 POISON IVY #1 FRANK CHO (1:50) | DC | 2022
When it comes to the femme fatales of DC, Poison Ivy is at the top of the list. In this six-issue limited series, Poison Ivy goes on a mission to save the planet by destroying all of humanity. While the character and story may be popular, the amazing artwork by Frank Cho sends this book over the top. Frank Cho is a legend in his own right, and combining these two bring all the star power to this hot ratio cover. We tracked 20 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 97%, with a high sale of $75.25 for a raw copy.

As noted in last week’s Market Report, Disney+’s original Star Wars programming has been largely successful. Building the Star Wars universe has been the pinnacle of most shows, and Dr. Aphra has remained a prevalent and anticipated character throughout this world-building. The rumors for her first content appearance spiked when Black Krrsantan appeared in the BOOK OF BOBA FETT. She will likely debut in the Star Wars universe, and it’s simply a matter of when. Her first appearance sold 14 copies this week, had a 7-day trend of 125%, and a high sale of $385 for a CGC 9.8.

Kamala Khan has embiggened her notoriety through the lovable and light-hearted performance delivered by Iman Vellani. Ms. Marvel’s debut on Disney+ has revitalized the interest in this new, coming-of-age character. While this book has grown in popularity, with 356 graded 9.8s on the CGC census, the eagle-eyed collector should look out for the 2nd printing. The 2nd printing currently has only 38 graded 9.8 books on the CGC census. Nevertheless, this 1st printing sold 17 copies at a 7-day trend of 100% with a high sale of $959 for a CGC 9.8.

Another book makes the list, thanks to the Ms. Marvel series. No spoilers here! However, we look forward to this specific team’s future appearances in the MCU! We tracked 18 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 207%, with a high sale of $12 for a raw copy.

#16 BATMAN #124 FILYA BRATUKHIN (1:25) | DC | 2022
If artist Filya Bratukhin isn’t on your radar, he should be. We LOVE this hyper-detailed 1:25. Filya’s style shines through here with a cover that makes you stare at it for a considerable amount of time. 25 copies sold, a 7-day trend of 102%, and had a high sale of $36 for a raw copy.

#17 STAR WARS #2 | MARVEL | 1977
This book is perhaps one of the most recognizable covers to any Star Wars collector. This book is the first appearance of Chewbacca and Han Solo. If those legends weren’t enough, fans also see the appearances of Greedo, the Millennium Falcon, and the Death Star! It is also the first time we see Obi-Wan Kenobi appear in the book’s interior. The Obi-Wan series may have rekindled the fire, but this book has always been hot! We tracked 13 copies sold, a 7-day trend of 158%, and had a high sale of $349 for a CGC 9.4.

#18 THOR #1 | MARVEL | 2014
This first cover appearance of Jane Foster as Thor was once a repeat resident of our Top 10, and now it’s living here in the runner-up list. We tracked 16 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 102%, with a high sale of $300 for a CGC 9.8.

Ghost Rider has seen many iterations throughout his lifetime at Marvel. In this book, we see the appearance of the 2nd Ghost Rider, Daniel Ketch. While this version of Ghost Rider is less known than Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider’s various hosts have shown renewed interest. With the introduction of Moon Knight and Blade soon to appear, we will likely see some version of Ghost Rider appear in the MCU. Whether that is Johnny Blaze, Daniel Ketch, or Robbie Reyes, the Ghost Rider will ride again! We tracked 11 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 149%, with a high sale of $350 for a CGC 9.8.

Nearly all of the top comics listed stem from speculation… In the case of this book, rumors have been floating around that we may receive a PLANET OF THE APES 4, directly stemming from the Matt Reeves trilogy. It seems a leak of the plot description was released, putting all eyes on this gem. Disney has not provided any confirmation or details related to this leaked plot. However, these unconfirmed rumors have had fans unable to keep their stinking paws off of these apes! We tracked 15 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 103%, with a high sale of $29.55 for a raw copy.

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