Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol.3 #1

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. It is back, back again. Hidden Gems by Blind Adam. Thanks for all the friendship, advice, love and surport. Remember, you don’t need sight to have a vision. Check me out on Youtube on Awesomesauce Radio as we are live Wednesday nights at 9pmest. Now lets make some money with some
comics cause you can’t teach that

1. Superwoman #1 (2016) – Lana Lang becomes Superwoman in this issue. Just watch the awesomeness that is Superman & Lois and then invest in this series nuff said

2. Archie Comics #441 – sexy fun Cherry Blossom cover. Riverdale is one of the few CW shows to be renewed (but will be ending in 2023) Archie Comics are under valued and just a blast plus they have plenty of innuendo covers #testify $25-60

3. Joker 80th Anniversary Special #1 – Oversized issue. Some sweet stories and the origin of Punchline. Punchline will have her day in the sun. She is a cosplay all-star. Her first appearance in Batman #89 is still sought after and I believe once DC gets behind her, all her key appearances are golden so seek the origin out $10 plus

4. Marvel Team Up #150 Spider-man and the X-men team up. Black Tom gets the powers of the Juggernaut and this is the source material for a classic X-men the Animated Series episode as well. Final issue low printed and just a blast $20

5. Shazam #8 did everyone see that Black Adam trailer? I loved it and I think DC movies are stepping up the game. Yes, Shazam #28 is the money shot. Also, the Weekley 52 series are in bargain bins and worth the investment, but this oversized issue from the 70s which reprints Black Adams first Golden Age appearance is so worth the $50-100 as Black Adam will lay the smack down on the DCEU #testify

6. Ms Marvel #1 Halloween ComicFest Variant – Kamala Khan is a TV star and going to the big screen. We will see her for a while. The first issue and its reprints are pricey, just look at the prices on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, 6th,7th print covers. This one had a bigger print run, but many copies were destroyed or store stamped, and is just undervalued. Pick one up.

love you all blind adam out.

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  1. Shazam #8 is still undervalued. I think a lot of collectors go right for Shazam #28 and don’t even realize that his first appearance is re-printed in #8. I doubt it has reached its ceiling.

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