Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 7/13/22

Every week, tons of new books hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery this Wednesday

Welcome back Wednesday Warriors. A decent week of new books. Check out what is on tap:

New #1’s
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Armageddon Game Opening Moves #1 – The Rat King is scheming behind the scenes, and it will be up to the Shredder to find a way to stop the trickster god and his new trio of terror-Madame Null, Baxter Stockman, and LeatherKrang! Will the former master of the Foot Clan be able to locate the necessary counter-pieces to foil the Rat King’s latest deadly gambit-or will chaos rule the day in NYC and Mutant Town? One thing’s for certain: the answers won’t be found in only one dimension, official prequel to the massive TMNT event of 2022, The Armageddon Game!

Army Of Darkness Vs Reanimator Necronomicon Rising #1 – When an archaeological dig unveils an important element from the world of the Army of Darkness, it ends up in the absolute worst hands of all: Dr. Herbert West’s. As West tinkers in God’s domain, our reluctant hero is once more drawn into the sphere of destiny as he faces a triple threat of danger!

7174 Presents 01 #1 – Following the artistic showcase that was 7174 ANNUAL 01, ASHLEY WOOD is back with this comic-sized 48-pager that showcases his ongoing and continuously evolving love affair with art styles that captivate, titillate, and motivate

9 Circles #1 – New series from our friends at Blood Moon Comics. The demon cowboy Vengeance confronts his notion of right and wrong on a task from Heaven that he hopes will earn him God’s redemption by leading the End Times witness through the 9 circles of hell. Based on the award-winning television screenplay.

Above Snakes #1 – new Image series. The hit team behind THE FEW and THUMBS returns with an all-new WILD AS HELL miniseries! Writer SEAN LEWIS, artist HAYDEN SHERMAN, and rock-star letterer HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOU introduce a world where Deadwood-style Westerns collide with the fantasia of NEIL GAIMAN in the story of Dirt, a man seeking vengeance for his murdered wife with nothing but a talking vulture to prod him on. ABOVE SNAKES is a fast and furious explosion of Western tropes and American vengeance that explores where our rage can take us.

Space-Lady #1 – Love Behemoths quirky, small press releases. Space-Lady does her job exactly as the manual advises her. At least this is what her advisers think. She uses her incredible armour, technology, qualified immunity, and paycheck to get super, super high. She deals with crime in her sector anything but fairly, using any excuse to fight someone or break something. But today, after a heavy night of drinking, Space-Lady decides to sleep in and let her homemade AI police force handle crime

One and Done

Dark Crisis Worlds Without A Justice League Superman #1 – I just really like this cover. It cracks me up that Robin is getting shot, especially in the head.

Impact Winter #1 – It’s been one year since a comet hit Earth and blotted out the sun. Now, the world is a dark, cold landscape ruled by vampires. In the British countryside, a band of survivors has formed a resistance in the fallout shelter of a medieval castle. Among them is Darcy, a young, headstrong fighter waiting for the chance to prove she can be on the front lines. But when that opportunity comes, Darcy will come face to face with the true horrors of this new world. From creator TRAVIS BEACHAM (Pacific Rim) and artist STEPHEN GREEN (Hellboy and the BPRD) comes the prequel to the hit Audible Original.

X-Men Hellfire Gala #1 – New X-Men team revealed.

Dig A Sink Tale #1 – the vigilante Mr. Dig is back in this one shot leading up to the next volume.

For the Cover

Daredevil #1 David Nakayama Spider-Man Cover – New direction for Daredevil. Also, I like Nakayama’s art, and this costume just works.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #25 Choose Your Destiny Cover – Sold out at a lot of online stores. Cool cover and BOUNTY HUNTERS VS. THE KNIGHTS OF REN! Check Mycomicshop tonight. These are already starting to sell above cover price.

New First Appearances
Spider-Man 2099 Exodus #4 – Black Widow 2099 appears, not sure if this is the same one that appeared in Secret Wars 2099 named Tania

Spider-Punk #3 – Daredevil of Earth 138 appears.

Notable Reprint
PS Artbook Psycho Magazine #1 – A facsimile edition of the first issue of the horror mag Psycho, with the classic skinned alive cover.

Variant of the Week

Archer & Armstrong Forever #1 Burnt Wood Variant Cover – Valiant has cranked out some crazy covers, including a glass one in the past, this time, they are doing a wood cover with the art burned into it. Would love to see a graded copy.

DC Pick of the Week
SUPERMAN SON OF KAL-EL #13 – Dreamer makes her first appearance. DC’s first transgender superhero makes the move from the small screen to print in her very first debut in the DCU! DREAMER was introduced in 2019 in CW’s Supergirl TV series, where she is played by trans actress Nicole Maines

Marvel Pick of the Week
Star Wars The Mandalorian #1 – The Mandalorian TV series gets it’s comic book adaptation. (Putting aside the Screen Comix debate). This has a ton of variants and exclusives so I am sticking with a copy of the regular A cover, and maybe an action figure variant or two.

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    1. They are a couple of guys who want to put out fun comics. Taking their own path. They are pretty cool and have some interesting stuff coming up.

  1. Ebay sales show higher prices for Betty and Veronica friends forever summer surf party 1. First appearance of Stacy Banks.

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