August 2022 – Small Publisher Highlight Picks

Here’s the spotlight on new books (and some trade/hardcovers/omnibuses) coming out of August for the small publishers which includes Dark Horse, Image and IDW which might include a few from last month as I missed pushing out my picks from July Previews.

Dark Horse Titles

Dead Mall #1 has that Stranger Things type of vibe to it. I’d imagine we’ll be seeing more stories like these pop up. I hope the writing is top notch, it’ll have to be to keep me buying to read.

Dead Mall #1

I missed last months previews which included Maskerade #1, a new title from Kevin Smith. Seems promising and might be entertaining. There’s also a pretty slick Francavilla cover: Maskerade #1 (Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover) that’s still up for pre-order.

Maskerade #2 is in this months previews for Dark Horse to continue the series.

Maskerade #2 (Robert Sammelin Variant Cover)

Maskerade #2

Even if Snyder doesn’t bring his A Game for Night of the Ghoul #1, I’m buying this just because Francavilla is not only doing the cover but also the interior artwork.

Night of the Ghoul #1

Shock Shop #1 is another title I missed last month that has Shock Shop #2 in August Previews. This is a new Cullen Bunn and I’m onboard. I’m a sucker for skulls and skeletons on covers. Also, these Leila Leiz regular covers are awesome!

Here are the variants for both issues that are available for pre-order:
Shock Shop #1 (Fabio Moon and Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover)
Shock Shop #2 (James Stokoe and Tonci Zonjic Variant Cover)

Shock Shop #2

Already mentioned in my Star Wars Previews but here it is again.. Star Wars: The High Republic. It’s a one-shot.

Star Wars: The High Republic

IDW Titles

Earthdivers #1 sounds awesome. I would so be on that bandwagon to kill Chris Columbus.

Earthdivers #2 (Cover A – Albuquerque) is out in this months previews while the first issue was last months.

Here’s the remaining issues available for pre-order for both issues 1 and 2:
Earthdivers #1 (Cover B – Wolf)
Earthdivers #2 (Cover B – Steven Paul Judd)
Earthdivers #1 (Cover C – Campbell)
Earthdivers #2 (Cover C – Aaron Campbell)
Earthdivers #1 (Cover D – Ward)
Earthdivers #2 (Cover D – Dell`edera)

Earthdivers #1 (Cover A - Albuquerque)

Crashing #1 (Cover A – Beem) is another title in last months previews that has Crashing #2 (Cover A – Beem) in this months previews.

This is an interesting concept and worth a check out for me.

Here are the remaining issues still available for pre-order:
Crashing #1 (Cover B – Corona)
Crashing #2 (Cover B – Kyriazis)
Crashing #1 (Cover C – Kangas)
Crashing #2 (Cover C – Levens)

Crashing #1 (Cover A - Beem)

Image Titles

3keys #1 (of 5) (Cover A – Messina) is a maybe for me. The writing is going to have to win me over to keep me reading.

3keys #1 (of 5) (Cover B – Dell Edera)

3keys #1 (of 5) (Cover A - Messina)

Dark Ride #1 (Cover A – Bressan & Lucas) is a new Williamson book. He’s either hit or miss with me but I do normally enjoy his indie work. Always start off strong but then I lose interest as it seems to drag on at times with some of his previous stories/titles. I’ll give this one a go though.

Dark Ride #1 (Cover B – Morazzo & Lucas)
Dark Ride #1 (Cover C – Boo)

Dark Ride #1 (Cover A - Bressan & Lucas)

Junkyard Joe #1 (Cover A – Frank & Anderson) is for those who liked Geiger. But for the love of trees Image, did we need this many variants for this first issue that includes B&W Veterans edition?

Junkyard Joe #1 (Cover B – Love & Anderson)
Junkyard Joe #1 (Cover C – Mutti)
Junkyard Joe #1 (Cover D – Ordway & Anderson)
Junkyard Joe #1 (Cover E – Frank & Anderson)
Junkyard Joe #1 B&W Veterans Ed (Cover A – Frank)
Junkyard Joe #1 B&W Veterans Ed (Cover B – Love)
Junkyard Joe #1 B&W Veterans Ed (Cover C – Mutti)
Junkyard Joe #1 B&W Veterans Ed (Cover D – Ordway)
Junkyard Joe #1 B&W Veterans Ed (Cover E – Frank)

Junkyard Joe #1 (Cover A - Frank & Anderson)

Known for his Deadly Class artwork, it’ll be interesting to see how Craig fares as a writer with his new title Kaya #1 (Cover A – Craig).

Kaya #1 (Cover B – Craig)

Kaya #1 (Cover A - Craig)

Bone Orchard Black Feathers #1 from July Previews is from the awesome team up of Lemire and Sorrentino.

Bone Orchard Black Feathers #2 (of 5) (Cover A – Sorrentino) is out in August Previews.

Bone Orchard Black Feathers #2 (of 5) (Cover B – Dani & Simpson)
Bone Orchard Black Feathers #2 (of 5) (Cover C – Simmonds)

Bone Orchard Black Feathers #2 (of 5) (Cover A - Sorrentino)

That Texas Blood #18 (Cover A – Phillips) continues. Probably one of the best reads right now that Image is putting out.

That Texas Blood #18 (Cover B – Shalvey)

That Texas Blood #18 (Cover A - Phillips)

20th Century Men #3 (of 6) (Cover A – Morian) is a title I’m looking forward to and hoping it’s not a total let down.

20th Century Men #3 (of 6) (Cover B – Brunner)

20th Century Men #3 (of 6) (Cover A - Morian)

Flawed #1 (of 6) (Cover A – Prenzy) from Bitter Root fame comes a new title that had the first issue in last months Previews.

Looking forward to this title I think as I enjoyed Bitter Root. Here are all the remaining issues available:

Flawed #1 (of 6) (Cover B – Prenzy)
Flawed #2 (of 6) (Cover A – Prenzy)
Flawed #2 (of 6) (Cover B – Jones)

Flawed #2 (of 6) (Cover A - Prenzy)

Nothing ground breaking story wise but I still hope this turns out to be a decent read with Hitomi #1 (of 5) (Cover A – Napolitano).

Hitomi #1 (of 5) (Cover B – Momoko)

Hitomi #1 (of 5) (Cover A - Napolitano)

You all love Donny Cates right? Well, he’s got a new title called Vanish #1 (Cover A – Stegman) coming out with Stegman as his main artist. You all know you’re gonna love it..

Vanish #1 (Cover B – Johnson)
Vanish #1 (Cover C – Blank Sketch Cover)
Vanish #2 (Cover A – Stegman)
Vanish #2 (Cover B – Johnson)
Vanish #2 (Cover C – Blank Sketch Cover)

Vanish #1 (Cover A - Stegman)

Vanish #2 (Cover A - Stegman)Join or start the discussion over in the forums!