Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call September 18th/19th, 2022

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

All-Out Avengers #1 gets a second printing. Features a new cover for this additional printing.

You can still find the first prints available at TFAW and probably other online shops from a quick search.

Crypt of Shadows #1 is found as Marvel Halloween Special at TFAW. Not sure why but if you couldn’t find it, that’s probably why.

I love this Rahzzah regular cover for Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1. This is a must for me and for any Spider-Man fan I think. Really looking forward to this series.

I’m really liking this Cassara Variant for Moon Knight #16. I guess seeing Moon Knight’s outfit all torn up brings back all those memories of Platt doing the covers for this character.

Anyone notice the eyes and face in the water?

Predator #3 has a pretty kick ass variant done by Ben Harvey. This is just classic Predator in the city, depicting scenes directly from what looks like a movie.

Darth Vader #28 is just a must each month. So much potential for spec now and later in every single issue.

Hitomi #1 is a new Image title I’m looking forward to. I got an advanced reading copy, I should probably get down to reading it before it’s released.

Eight Billion Genies #1 gets a 4th printing. I welcome these additional printings. It gives me the impression these are being printed due to actual interest instead of the publisher printing just to boost numbers.

Chicken Devils #1 is the next take on Chicken Devil, which I enjoyed.

Batman Incorporated #1  kicks off a new series for all things Batman. I normally enjoy Brisson’s writing so it’s a check out for me.

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