Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 9/28/22

Every week, tons of new books hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery this Wednesday

Hey Wednesday Warriors, end of the month and it seems like we finally get a really good week.

New #1’s
August Purgatory Underground #1 – As a long civil war ends, the once celebrated hero Captain August finds himself in the center of an intergalactic controversy. Running out of time and options, he accepts a dangerous mission to a decaying planet- and finds that the war isn’t nearly over! An action-packed sci-fi thriller that remixes the nostalgia of 80’s cartoons in a contemporary style!

Batman The Audio Adventures #1 – based off the Podcast

DC Horror Presents Sgt Rock vs The Army Of The Dead #1 – Sgt. Rock vs Nazi zombies and written by legend Bruce Campbell, I am in.

Flawed #1 – ultra-violent, high-octane limited series that’s Frasier meets The Punisher! Gem Ezz is a psychiatrist in the Kafkaesque city of Setham, where corruption and brutality rule the streets. By day, she uses words to solve her patients’ problems. By night, she takes a more direct-and sometimes deadly-approach. But when her practice puts her in the sights of an immortal serial killer, Gem finds herself embroiled in a power struggle that threatens everything she’s ever known.

Old Dog #1 – Jack Lynch was a once-promising CIA operative. On the eve of retirement, looking back at a failed career, he is tasked with one final mission…that goes horribly wrong. He wakes years later to a changed world and deeper changes within him. When a shadow group offers Lynch a second chance at a life of adventure, he’s paired with the last person he could ever imagine. In order to adjust, this old dog will have to learn some new tricks…

Roadie #1 – Scumbag meets the Exorcist. From Tim Seeley and Fran Galán comes this horror saga about nostalgia, heavy metal music, hell, and redemption. More than thirty-five years after his heyday, a former heavy metal roadie must return to the backroads of America to do a job he thought he’d retired from: exorcist. But this time, he’s not saving groupies and drunk bassists. He’s trying to save his daughter.

Tim Drake Robin #1 – Tim Drake taking center stage in a brand-spanking-new Robin series of his very own! A mystery over a year in the making takes shape, as a new villain who’s been hounding Tim from afar decides to take things up close and personal, putting Bernard and everyone else Tim cares about in peril as things go from bad to worse for the world’s oldest Robin.

Notable Reprints
Dark Spaces Wildfire #1 2nd Ptg – The recently optioned, sold out, Scott Snyder series goes back for a second printing.

For the Cover

Batman Beyond The White Knight #5 J Scott Campbell Cover – J Scott Campbell covers Harley in a new costume.

Detective Comics #1064 – Ho, damn that is a smoking Detective Cover.

Harley Quinn #22 Natali Sanders Cover – I love Natali’s covers. DC is killing it this week.

Halloween Picks
Rougarou #1 – After a young girl is attacked by a mysterious creature on a homestead ranch in 1868, a U.S. Marshal arrives the next day and recounts the tale of the Rougarou, a beast that he has been hunting across the country but has always been one step behind.

Sick N Twisted #1 – Cry For Dawn co-creator Joseph M. Monks returns to his splatterpunk roots with a brand new title. 3 stories, 32 pages, and the extreme edge he’s known for. Zombie-killer Gory Lori returns in a tale illustrated by Will Pleydon, while in Dead C, illustrated by Jason Moser, New York buddies looking for something unusual find it-thanks to an underground newspaper devoted to showing off the city’s seedy underbelly.

Variant of the Week

Man Goat And The Bunny Man Green Eggs And BLAM #3 Paul Green Dr. Seuss Homage – On a whim I picked up issue #1 and #2 Paul Green Variants and flipped them for $75-$100 each. No way I am passing this one up as well.

One to Watch
Marvels Voices Community #1 – Features a new character in the book named the Chimera. The D Variant by Paco Medina, it is selling for up to $15 already

Small Press Pick of the Week
Briar #1 – New take on Sleeping Beauty from Boom Studios. Boom has put out a string of hits that have been optioned, so it is not a bad idea to put away a copy for later.

Picks of the Week
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #24 – Our friend Drunk Wooky has mentioned a bunch of new Darkseekers Sith appearing. Already selling for about $20 on eBay.

Thor #27 – Spoilers on this one later. Donny Cates writing Venom in Thor. You will want to see this one.

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