Poyo’s Spec, Picks and Drek for October 12th, 2022

Welcome to this weeks spec and picks. This is where we pick the winners each week we (or shall I say myself) think will be spec worthy, a great read or just cool looking art on the cover. I’m also adding a drek pick again this week.. gonna have to continue reading to find out which book made me bring back the dreaded drek of the week..

Marvel Picks

Wakanda #1 (of 5) is a title I’m interested in to see a Wakanda without Black Panther, well, sort of. The writing has to be good to keep my interested though.

Wakanda #1 (of 5) (Artgerm Variant)
Wakanda #1 (of 5) (Artist Tbd Games Variant)
Wakanda #1 (of 5) (Artist Tbd Windowshades Variant)
Wakanda #1 (of 5) (100 Copy Artgerm Virgin Variant)

Wakanda #1 (of 5)

Not only for Star Wars fans but if you collect to sell later. Star Wars High Republic #1 is a must!

Star Wars High Republic #1 (McKone Variant)
Star Wars High Republic #1 (Noto Variant)
Star Wars High Republic #1 (Dan Panosian TFAW Exclusive Variant)

Star Wars High Republic #1

Another Star Wars must is Star Wars Visions #1.

Star Wars Visions #1 (Bachalo Variant)

Star Wars Visions #1

Star Wars #28 is just a great cover (simple yet stands out) and I’m looking forward to Luke’s mission within the story.

Star Wars #28 (Land New Hope 45th Anniversary Variant)
Star Wars #28 (Christopher Action Figure Variant)

Star Wars #28

Long time Punisher War Journal fan here so Punisher War Journal Brother #1 makes the cut. Just hope the story is good. But what we really need Marvel is for you to do another ongoing series and somehow bring back Jim Lee to do covers and such..

Punisher War Journal Brother #1 (Superlog Variant)
Punisher War Journal Brother #1 (Simmonds Variant)

Punisher War Journal Brother #1

I like Cantwell so I’ll check out Namor #1 (of 5) but I just don’t think Namor has enough fans. He’s still just the supporting character type. At least it’s a mini-series.

Namor #1 (of 5) (Clarke Variant)
Namor #1 (of 5) (Larraz Variant)
Namor #1 (of 5) (Tbd Artist Games Variant)

Namor #1 (of 5)DC Picks

Small week for DC books..

Batman Incorporated #1 kicks off a new volume for this title. Already sold out at TFAW somehow, but they do have the Batman Incorporated #1 (Cover D – 1:50 Jeff Spokes Card Stock Variant) available.

Indie and Small Publisher Books

Eight Billion Genies #1 gets a 4th Printing.

The new title Hitomi #1 (of 5) is a book I’ve been meaning to read as I got an advanced review copy. It’s on the list of check outs.

Hitomi #1 (of 5) (Cover B – Momoko)
Hitomi #1 (of 5) (Cover C – 25 Copy Nahuelpan Variant)

Hitomi #1 (of 5) (Cover A - Napolitano)

The Approach is a new horror series from Jeremy Haun. Might be worth checking out.

The regular cover already sold out at TFAW but they do still have these available:

Approach #1 (of 5) (Cover E – Red Francavilla Unlockable Variant)
Approach #1 (of 5) (Cover C – 25 Copy Hutchison-Cates Variant)

Unprepped #1 (of 5) is another apocalypse type story but still looks like potential fun.

Unprepped #1 (of 5)

Now with the dreaded drek pick this week which goes to:

Venom #11 Rapoza Variant. I like Rapoza’s work but geez, can we get artists from getting carried away with Venom’s tongue for crying out loud? He’s not a vampire from The Strain!

But wait, there’s another drek this week. That goes to:

Amazing Spider-Man #11 by Romita Jr. My goodness, I just don’t any words for this one. Sadly the Venom still bothers me more.. .

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