FOC Highlight Books for Last Call October 23rd/24th, 2022

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering. Here’s a few of the highlights for this week.

Picking Alien #3 (Coello Variant) for the cover alone, which is pretty slick if you ask me.

Alien #3 (Coello Variant)

It’s going to be heavily ordered but that’s the price one pays when it comes to new Spider-Man related characters. So Amazing Spider-Man #14 is a must. Buy and hold, this one is likely for the long term pay off I think.

Amazing Spider-Man #14 (McGuinness Hallows Eve Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man #14 (Staub Beyond Amazing Spider-Man Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man #14 (McGuinness Design Variant)

Amazing Spider-Man #14

Darth Vader title has introduced so many new characters into the Star Wars Universe, these are no brainer pick ups. Star Wars Darth Vader #29 is a must and it’s also a pretty slick looking cover as well for the regular.

Star Wars Darth Vader #29 (Larroca Variant)
Star Wars Darth Vader #29 (Clarke Revelations Variant)

Star Wars Darth Vader #29

Star Wars High Republic #1 (2nd Ptg) gets the second print treatment and it’s a joy that they did a brand new cover instead of doing the inside interior cover this round.

Yoda gets his own title. This is a must!

Star Wars Yoda #1
Star Wars Yoda #1 (Camuncoli Variant)
Star Wars Yoda #1 (25 Copy Kaare Andrews Variant)

Star Wars Yoda #1

The force is still strong with the Skywalker story line. We might be tired of the movies but I still enjoy all the characters from this time frame so Star Wars Revelations #1 is another pick up for sure.

Star Wars Revelations #1 (Momoko Variant)
Star Wars Revelations #1 (Hitch Variant)

Star Wars Revelations #1

The hit new series continues with Strange Academy Finals #2 where new characters have all the potential to pop up and cause a stir among the spec crowd. And if there’s nothing of importance, enjoy the read as this title has been great.

Strange Academy Finals #2 (Weaver Trading Card Variant)
Strange Academy Finals #2 (Baldeon X-treme Marvel Variant)

Strange Academy Finals #2

As a Thanos fan, Thanos Death Notes #1 I’m all in. This brings back the vision Thor had after Black Winter in Thor #6. I’m sure this will not be the end of the infinity stone hammer yielding Thanos.

Thanos Death Notes #1 (Acuna Variant)
Thanos Death Notes #1 (Yu X-treme Marvel Variant)

Thanos Death Notes #1

Resident Alien is one of my favorite shows currently on SyFy. I’m excited for the new mini-series Resident Alien: The Book of Love #1.

Resident Alien: The Book of Love #1

Junkyard Joe #1 (2nd Printing) gets a second print. First prints still pretty easy to come by if you missed out.

Junkyard Joe #1 (2nd Printing)

Voyagis #1 (of 5) has my attention cause I really dig the cover art and the fact it looks like this has no other covers (not counting any store exclusives if there are any, I didn’t bother looking).

Voyagis #1 (of 5)

The big one coming out of DC and Image on FOC this week is Batman Spawn #1. There’s going to be a lot of covers and the print run is going to be massive. Buy now if you wanna read, limit yourself, don’t overpay for ratios and maybe wait for a lot of these covers to hit the big sales as some retailers will likely be sitting on copies for quite some time as they’re likely chasing the ratios like consumers.

For you big dogs with a lot of cash burning in your wallets or purses, you can go ahead and dish out some cash for some of the higher ratios available:

Batman Spawn #1 (Cover L – 1:25 Joshua Middleton Variant)
Batman Spawn #1 (Cover M – 1:50 Brett Booth Variant)
Batman Spawn #1 (Cover N – 1:100 Jim Lee Variant)
Batman Spawn #1 (Cover O – 1:250 Todd McFarlane Inked Variant)
Batman Spawn #1 (Cover P – 1:666 Todd McFarlane Signed Variant)
Batman Spawn #1 (Cover Q – 1:666 Greg Capullo Signed Variant)

Batman Spawn #1 (Cover A - Greg Capullo Batman)

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