Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 11/23/22

Every week, tons of new books hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery this Wednesday

Hey Wednesday Warriors. Kind of an interesting week with some first appearances. Check out what is on tap.

New #1’s
Doctor Strange Fall Sunrise #1 – Trade Moore’s trippy art style works well on this new Doctor Strange book.

Fear Of A Red Planet #1 – New Aftershock series. Fifty years from now, humanity’s first Martian colony is no longer self-sustaining. Under the thumb of its corporate mining overlords, the surviving colonists slave away just to pay for resupply rockets from Earth, will little or no hope of returning home. One woman has kept a fragile peace: the U.N.’s first and only interplanetary marshal. A lawwoman escaping a violent past on Earth, she prides herself on never having fired a shot on Mars. But when she’s tasked with solving the murder of the colony’s most hated man, her investigation threatens to tear the red planet apart.

Frank Millers Ancient Enemies #1 – One of two new Frank Miller books hitting the stands this week. Both carry a hefty $7.99 price tag.

Frank Millers Ronin Book II #1 – The second chapter of Frank Miller’s classic Ronin hits stands.

Nobodys Girls #1 – New indy book from the creator of You Promised Me Darkness. Emmet lives a very normal life until he finds a strange video that leads him on a peculiar search for a missing girl. A story about sex, violence, loneliness, and disappointment.

Once Upon A Time At The End Of The World #1 – New Boom series from Jason Aaron. Boom #1’s are good pick ups.

Star Wars Yoda #1 – New Star Wars series focusing on the Jedi Master Yoda. Some first appearances occur.

One and Done
Vampires Blood Shot #1 – Reprinting Pre-Code horror Vampire stories. I am in on this one.

Notable Reprint
Fantastic Four #52 Facsimile Edition – First appearance of Black Panther gets the facsimile treatment being reprinted with ads and all. The early facsimiles are starting to heat up and going for decent money. These are worth grabbing.

For the Cover

DC vs Vampires #11 Steve Beach Variant – This cover is just sick, we highlighted it on the forum a while ago Steve Beach has been kicking ass on covers for a while.

One to Watch
Dark Crisis The Dark Army #1 (One Shot) – Red Canary gets her first full appearance, finally, in this issue.

DC Pick of the Week
Harley Quinn #24 – Harley Who Laughs gets her first appearance (cameo it seems). Pretty cool look but DC has been cranking out new Batman family characters and remains to be seen if anyone will care long term.

Marvel Pick of the Week
Amazing Spider-Man #14 First appearance of the new character Hallows Eve.The Ed McGuinness Hallows Eve Variant has her on the cover and worth grabbing.

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