Six IDW Titles In Development for TV

IDW announced six new comic and graphic novels in Active Development according to Games Radar.

Bacchus first appeared in Dead Face #1 from Harrier Comics.
Dragon Puncher first appeared in Dragon Puncher HC
Korgi first appears in Korgi HC
Lodger first appears in Lodger #1
Relic of the Dragon first appears in the Relic of the Dragon Hardcover
Satellite Falling first appears in the Satellite Falling Ashcan before going on to Satellite Falling #1

From Games Radar

IDW Publishing has announced a new slate of six comic book and graphic novel properties that are in active development as television series.

First up there’s Bacchus, creator Eddie Campbell’s graphic novel published by IDW imprint Top Shelf Productions set in a present-day world where ancient Greek Gods still walk among mortals.

Will Davies (Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, Man Vs. Bee, How to Train Your Dragon) and Chloe Moss (Switch, Hollyoaks) will write and executive produce the series.

Another Top Shelf graphic novel, the Eisner Award-winning Dragon Puncher by James Kochalka, will be developed as Dragon Puncher and Spoony by showrunner and executive producer Holly Huckins (Recess, Angela Anaconda, Sheriff Callie).

The comedy-adventure follows the titular Dragon Puncher, “a cute but rather ruthless kitty who dons his heroic armored battle suit as he punches out evil dragons together with sidekick Spoony (a fuzzy little friend armed with a wooden spoon).”

Korgi is writer-artist Christian Slade’s coming-of-age story about a friendship between a young fairy and her magical puppy as they uncover the secret history of their homeland and face evil monsters threatening their idyllic community.

The TV series will be developed by showrunner Aury Wallington (Spirit Untamed, Spirit Riding Free, Veronica Mars, Heroes, and Gravity Falls).

David and Maria Lapham’s graphic novel Lodger is a crime-noir psychological thriller and twisted love story about a young woman bent on revenge against a serial killer who she blames for the murder of her mother and incarceration of her father, set in a “tangled American landscape.”

Max and Adam Reid (Gil’s All Fright Diner, Aeon Flux, Sneaky Pete) will serve as showrunners for director Patricia Riggen (The 33, Dopesick).

Relic of the Dragon, a graphic novel by Adrian Benatar and Miguel Ángel García, is a fantasy action-adventure about an ordinary man named Uric hunting for a relic of enormous power. The choices Uric makes in his dangerous quest change his life and the fate of his entire nation.

Bryan Q. Miller (Shadowhunters, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) serves as showrunner.

Finally, Satellite Falling, based on Steve Horton, Stephen Thompson, and Martin Morazzo’s comic books set in a “seedy future of radical technology, sentient aliens, and familiar prejudices,” will be co-executive produced by Will Pascoe (Orphan Black, Absentia) who will serve as showrunner and Jude Weng (Finding ‘Ohana, Only Murders in the Building) who will direct.

IDW describes the series as “sharp social commentary about the horrors of xenophobia” where only humans are allowed on corrupt Earth and “incredible creatures from across the galaxy” are forced to reside on a city-sized space station called Satellite.

Cabbie/bounty hunter Lilly, the only human on Satellite, finds her world crumbling when dark secrets from her past resurface as tensions rise between aliens and humans.

These newest projects follow additional IDW properties that were announced earlier this year, including Dark Spaces with Universal Content Productions (UCP), Earthdivers with 20th TV, The Delicacy with Warner Bros. TV, and Brutal Nature with Anima Studios.

“It”s a dream to get to work on so many great properties with so many amazing talents,” says Paul Davidson, IDW executive vice president in the announcement. “This group of writers, directors, and showrunners represent some of the best and IDW is pleased to be working with them.”

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