Poyo’s Variant Picks for the Week – December 21st, 2022

Spider-Man Lost Hunt #2 (of 5) Fetscher Beyond Spider-Man

Amazing cover. Sold out at most online shops. Probably gonna have to buy off the secondary market like eBay

Spider-Man Lost Hunt #2 (of 5) Fetscher Beyond Spider-Man VaFor you Adam Hughes fans comes Pablos Villalobos with a ratio incentive for Mary Jane And Black Cat #1. Definitely has that AH! style and there’s a lot of fans out there that will likely chase this one down for the PC.

Alien #4 (Garbett Variant) is an awesome all black cover. A must for any Alien fan I think and it’s gonna be hard to find in minty fresh condition. This one would have been a million times better if they made it a glow in the dark cover!

Catwoman #50 by Sozomaika is way better now I think after seeing the initial cover art. I like the old newsprint overlay they put on this one.

There’s also a Foil Ratio Version available..  already selling for $100+

Great classic homage cover for Castlevania Game Cartridge for Stuff of Nightmares #4 (of 4) (Cover C – Olivetti).

Selling out at most online retailers, gonna have to hit up eBay to possibly buy if you missed out on the pre-order.

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