Top Ten for Week of 2/3/23

As promised, the runners-up list. The second half of the Top 20.

Considering he’s a huge comic book fan, we’re sure Jack White was thrilled to appear on the cover of a titular series like BATMAN/SUPERMAN WORLD’S FINEST. If you haven’t caught on, a new collector’s trend is emerging within our niche world. The popularity of music artists on comic book covers is reaching new all-time highs, and this book is a clear indicator of that trend! We tracked 82 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 85%, with a high sale of $250 for a CGC 9.8 copy and an NM FMV of $42.

Star Wars books are notorious for introducing tons of new characters in a single surprise issue, and this is precisely what this book does. At least five new characters, along with a cameo, appear in this issue, featuring the 1st appearances of Envoy Seleen, Sevens, Price Colden, Field Marshal Tozen, and the 1st cameo appearance of General Viess. This cover is the only official retailer incentive cover, and collectors are grabbing their copies at any cost. This book is the definition of FIRE! We tracked 36 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 110%, with a high sale of $96 for a raw copy and an NM FMV of $77.

#3 VENOM #15 – EJ SU – COVER D (1:25) | MARVEL | 2023
What a striking cover. This cover gets straight to the point and delivers a thrilling contrast of color. You can almost see the desperation in Spider-Man’s hand as he attempts to escape Venom’s grasp. There is no key issue here. It’s just a cover that harkens back to what made comic books great through phenomenal artwork and storytelling. We tracked 17 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 137%, with a high sale of $50 for a raw copy and an NM FMV of $45.

#4 BITCH PLANET #1 | IMAGE | 2014
This is an inexpensive book to collect. Even with the recent reports that Amazon will adapt this into a series, it is still a very affordable book. If the show’s a hit, this could be a great flip for the speculator market. We tracked 12 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 192%, with a high sale of $20 for a raw copy and an NM FMV of $10.

Behold, a new generation of turtles have emerged! The Last Ronin revealed four new turtles in incubation: ODYN, UNO, MOJA, and YI. This book begins to explore the lives of those four turtles as they strive to live up to the TMNT name! Fan reception of this new generation has been very positive, and this 1:100 retailer incentive could hold some significant value in the future. The other factor supporting this cover is the HUGE number of variants available for this issue. Being a 1:100, this will be a little harder to find. Fun fact: each of the new turtle’s names translate to “one” in various languages. We tracked 14 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 124%, with a high sale of $160 for a raw copy and an NM FMV of $127.

#6 HULK #1 | MARVEL | 2008
Let’s jump down the rabbit hole of rumors together. Ever since the casting of Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross, Red Hulk has been a popular speculation book among collectors. There have been rumors that the former Secretary of State is now the US President. Likewise, a recent rumor began to spread last week on Reddit. A known leaker has stated that “trusted sources” informed them of concept art that shows Red Hulk in a suit, perhaps his presidential attire. Take this leak with a grain of salt… but remember, rumors can be just as powerful of an influence on the market as confirmed news! We tracked 19 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 85%, with a high sale of $300 for a CGC 9.8 and a raw NM FMV of $77.

Guess who’s back? Back again. This book’s back. Tell a friend. Let’s be honest. Your friend and their friend’s friend have already heard of this book. But only your luckiest friend was able to buy a copy. This variant is relentless. Since its release in November, this book has consistently fluctuated between TOP TEN and RUNNER-UPS. With only 1000 copies of the spotlight cover, these books must sell at breakneck speeds to keep up with the demand! We tracked 13 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 107%, with a high sale of $3,300 for a CGC 9.9 copy and an NM FMV of $450.

Movie trailers help increase interest and value in key books. We know this. If you haven’t seen the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 trailer, it is well worth the watch! However, this trailer has been out for a month. What else can reignite interest in this book? Well, we just got our first full look at Adam Warlock, thanks to Empire! Not only that, The GoTG 3 Funko Pops were officially revealed at Funko Fair, giving us another great look at the live-action version of Adam Warlock. Who wouldn’t be excited to pick up his first appearance?! We tracked 10 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 137%, with a high sale of $2,125 for a CGC 9.6 copy and a raw VG FMV of $94.

Warren Louw’s first cover art was on issue #27 of the POWER GIRL (2011) series. Since then, his covers have amassed a large following. Perhaps his most notable and valuable covers can be seen on WONDER WOMAN: BLACK AND GOLD #1 and GUN HONEY #1. This cover is no exception! This retailer exclusive is moving quickly and picking up value too. Originally $40.00 from Louw’s webstore, we recently tracked a high sale of $150 for a raw copy! We tracked 11 copies sold at a 7-day trend of 117% with an NM FMV of $135.

#10 X-MEN #101 | MARVEL | 1976
The Phoenix Force has seen its fair share of screentime across two generations of X-Men movies. Will we see it enter the MCU? Probably not anytime soon. However, the Phoenix Force is back on the front page due to recent story developments in the comic book world. On Jan. 18, we saw the events of Avengers Forever 13 unfold. -SPOILERS AHEAD- A variant of Mystique killed an injured Logan (aka Old Man Phoenix) to take the Phoenix force for herself! This story is set to continue in a future issue of Avengers #65, releasing this Wednesday. In the meantime, follow the recent trend and pick up a copy of Phoenix’s first appearance! We tracked 10 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 128%, with a high sale of $1,895 for a CGC 9.6 copy and a HUGE new all-time high NM+ raw of $1,825. The typical FMV is $469 for an FN copy.

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  1. I really think that they should exclude any store variants. Especially variants with Marvel that have bull poop limited to 1000 copies when I thought everyone knew that they had a minimum of 3000. Who are these idiots besides covrprice that buy into this bull poop?!

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I’m more interested in actual comic book issues that are hot, rather than all these variants.

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