FOC Highlight Books for Last Call February 5th/6th, 2023

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering. Here’s a few of the highlights for this week…

Kick this FOC week off with the Marvel titles since they’re still the Ruling Rooster of number of books coming out each week and month nowadays.

This one is for the cover, as I’m a Horley fan…

Moon Knight #21 (Horley Variant)

Moon Knight #21 (Horley Variant)

Another one for the cover as Predator gets a reboot with another #1

Predator #1 (Barends Variant)

The other variants are (showing sold out but could become available close to Sunday/Monday):

Predator #1 (25 Copy Siqueira Variant)
Predator #1 (50 Copy Bartel Variant)

Predator #1 (Barends Variant)

I’m really digging Avengers #66 (Hainsworth Connecting Wrpad Variant). It’s just different…

Avengers #66 (Hainsworth Connecting Wrpad Variant)

Hulk and Disney fans will probably seek out Amazing Spider-Man #21 (Disney100 Variant). They should have spread these across other titles, perhaps the ones that they’re sort of representing. Doing a Hulk homage of Disney characters on a Spider-Man title just seems odd… I guess Marvel wants to really push those Amazing Spider-Man publication numbers up with the themed variants that are not even part of the storyline.

There’s the Amazing Spider-Man #21 (Disney100 Black and White Variant) as well, if you can find it for cheap. Sell immediately to make profit!

Amazing Spider-Man #21 (Disney100 Variant)

Momoko has some pretty cool Womens History Month variants coming out as well. Here are a few of the highlight ones I’m really digging:

Bloodline Daughter of Blade #2 (Womens History Month Variant)

Bloodline Daughter of Blade #2 (Womens History Month Variant)

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #32 (Momoko Womens History Variant) – I really like this one..

Also to point out this cover: Star Wars Bounty Hunters #32 (Inferno Squad First Appearance Variant) – Probably another must for you fans out there!

Star Wars High Republic #6 (Momoko Womens History Variant)

This new X-23 series looks like a lot of potential fun… X-23 Deadly Regenesis #1 (of 5)

X-23 Deadly Regenesis #1 (of 5) (Casagrande Stormbreaker Variant)
X-23 Deadly Regenesis #1 (of 5) (Aka Womens History Month Variant)
X-23 Deadly Regenesis #1 (of 5) (Momoko Variant)
X-23 Deadly Regenesis #1 (of 5) (10 Copy Bazaldua Design Variant)
X-23 Deadly Regenesis #1 (of 5) (50 Copy Choi Variant)

X-23 Deadly Regenesis #1 (of 5)

Wakanda #4 gets the 2nd Print treatment. The first printing for Wakanda #4 has seen some slight rise in value lately.

A new Lemire book is always a worthy pickup for me. Phantom Road #1 (Cover A – Walta) is his latest coming out of Image Comics.

Phantom Road #1 (Cover B – Lemire)
Phantom Road #1 (Cover C – Fernandez)

Phantom Road #1 (Cover A - Walta)

Clear #1 (Cover A – Manapul) looks like fun and it’s a Snyder book coming out of Dark Horse.

Clear #1 (Cover B – Manapul Variant)
Clear #1 (Cover C – Manapul Variant)
Clear #1 (Cover D – Manapul Variant)
Clear #1 (Cover E – Manapul Foil Variant)
Clear #1 (Cover H – FOC Reveal Cliff Chiang Variant)
Clear #1 (10 Copy Christian Ward Variant Cover)
Clear #1 (25 Copy Mike del Mundo Variant Cover)

Clear #1 (Cover A - Manapul)

I love a good Francavilla cover. DC Horror Presents Sgt Rock vs the Army of the Dead #6 (of 6) (Cover B – Francesco Francavilla Card Stock Variant) is pretty awesome but I’m also bias when it comes to his art work.

I can see Harley Quinn #27 (Cover B – Alex Garner Card Stock Variant) grabbing a lot of Harley and Garner fans to pick this one up.

Harley Quinn #27 (Cover B - Alex Garner Card Stock Variant)

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