FOC Highlight Books for Last Call March 20th, 2023

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering. Here’s a few of the highlights for this week…

W0rldtr33 #1Tyrion’s new series. Will be heavily printed with a ton of store variants, but still, may be worth picking up a cover A, even if just for a good story.

Eight Billion Genies #8 – Last issue of an already optioned series. Last issues can be great pickups.

She Hulk #12 Jee Hyung Lee Cover – This is for the cover, while the show seemed to be a big flop, and I have not been interested in the last coupe of series, I am still a fan of She Hulk. This is just a great cover. There is a 1:100 ratio of this cover as well.

Rocketeer Cover A Adam Hughes provides cover art on the A cover and on an interior story. He also does the 1:10 Virgin Variant

Giant Kokju #1 – Oh man, I am looking forward to this. Gerry Duggan, Scott Koblish, Garry Brown, the team that worked on Deadpool, putting out the full story of Kaiju attacks, the behind the scenes stuff that isn’t shown in movies or tv, including having to take care of certain needs; bathroom, food, and other stuff….. Looks hilarious.

Warlock Rebirth #1 – First appearance of Eve Warlock. There is a 1:25 Variant as well.

Ps Artbooks Startling Wonder Comics Facsmile Ed #49 – This is a facsimile version of the pre-code book, Startling Comics #49. This is more frequently referred to as the “Bender Cover”. High price, but low print run.

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