TFAW FCBD Sale Coming to a Close, Lots of Good Variants Left

The TFAW FCBD sale is coming to a close, we spotlighted all the CBCS and CGC slabs they had for sale. However, there are still a ton of ratios for sale as low as $3, but it all comes to an end 4/9/23 at 11:59 PM. Check out what is still in stock

For $3, there are 45 10 Copy Variants and

There are 194 1:25 Variants for $7.50 plus 161 listed as 25 Copy Variants for $7.50.

For $15 there are 67 50 Copy Ratios and 66 1:50 Variants

On the higher end, there are 22 1:100 Variants and 57 100 Copy Variants for $30

There are also some high ratio books at 70% off (1:500 and 1:1000 variants)

And of course, still 39 different CBCS Slabs for as low as $15

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