Top Ten for Week of 6/9/23

Since  came on the scene, they have become a go to spot for watching eBay trends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics:

#1 SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 | MARVEL | 1992
To say that Spider-Man 2099 was a highly anticipated character is an understatement. The anticipation was so high for Miguel O’Hara’s debut that fans wondered if his character would live up to the hype. Less than a week after the movie debut, O’Hara soars to our top spot as his character most definitely lived up to the hype. Since the beginning, fans were told the sequel to Into the Spider-Verse would be a two-part movie. That means there is still plenty of Spider-Man 2099 to explore, and we’re all here for it! We tracked 114 copies sold at a 7-day trend of 120%, with a high sale of $175 for a CGC 9.8 and a raw NM FMV of $20.

Spider-Boy continues his reign over the Top Ten list. While his first appearance may occasionally fall a few spots, he remains one of the year’s hottest releases. EDGE OF THE SPIDER-VERSE #3 reveals even more comic covers of the hit character. It seems that Marvel has bigger plans for this mysterious new spider-variant. We tracked 72 copies sold at a 7-day trend of 101%, with a high sale of $135 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a raw NM FMV of $28.

#3 ROCKETEER #1 – ADAM HUGHES – VIRGIN (1:10) |IDW | 2023
The Rocketeer is an iconic figure of the ’90s. While we haven’t seen a Rocketeer cover make the top ten list in a while, Adam Hughes is the artist to change that pattern. Hughes brings your nostalgia to life as the Rocketeer proudly flies through the sky. Aside from the stellar artwork, this virgin cover is also a retailer incentive, making it harder to obtain. There are plenty of these covers currently circulating in the aftermarket. As fans of the Rocketeer lock down their copy, we may see a diminishing supply in the near future. With less than a week since its debut, only time will tell if the cover will fly higher! We tracked 28 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 177%, with a high sale of $30 for a raw copy and a raw NM FMV of $20.

While Oscar Isaac gives an unforgettable voice performance as Miguel O’Hara, Daniel Kaluuya steals the scene as the anarchic hero Spider-Punk, Hobie Brown. Punk is the antithesis of the militaristic Spider-Man 2099 in a perfectly organized and strictly run spider society. Hobart “Hobie” Brown’s ideology is often contrarian to Miguel’s strict rulings. This makes him an obvious outlier to the rest of the spider-men. Ultimately, Hobie is the catalyst that motivates Miles to venture out on his own path. That’s all we’ll say for now. Listen for that sick guitar riff entrance when Spider-Punk first appears in the film! We tracked 27 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 175%, with a high sale of $223 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a raw NM FMV of $42.

In a movie with so many spider-men, it is a true achievement that Miles Morales still shines as the main character. While every core spider-variant has their moment to shine, Miles proves that a spider-verse movie would not be possible without this titular character. The movie takes you on his emotional journey of growth as one of the greatest Spider-Man variants ever. With the release of his second film and a PS5 game on the way and word of a live-action film in development, the heat for Miles Morales’ first appearance will be around for a while! We tracked 40 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 105%, with a high sale of $2,354 for a CGC 9.8 and a raw NM FMV of $530.

#6 SPIDER-WOMAN #1 | MARVEL | 1978
Spider-Woman has been getting lots of love in the cinema! While Jessica Drew from Across the Spider-Verse doesn’t quite match her comic counterpart, there are some similarities. Both Jessica Drew characters are still very active Spider-Women, even while pregnant! Aside from her animated appearance, some photos of all the Spider-Women together have also been revealed from the set of Sony’s Madame Web. With this traction, producer Amy Pascal also confirmed that a live-action Spider-Woman film, alongside a live-action Miles, was in development (though which version!?). The hype is building as fans get more information about the film. We tracked 36 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 118%, with a high sale of $269 for a CGC 9.8 and a raw NM FMV of $45.

Peach Momoko’s unique style is why she’s one of the most sought-after artists in the industry today. Whether you are a fan of the style or not, everyone agrees that Momoko’s style is highly recognizable. In a world of digital artists, original watercolor artwork makes for a welcomed variant. The 2nd print was released this past week, and stores were given a “Thank You” virgin version of Momoko’s 1:75 variant, limited to one per store. Less than a week after its release, the book has jumped to an FMV of $100 for an NM raw copy! Additionally, we tracked 62 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 65%, with a high sale of $150 for a raw copy.

Rumors of Sydney Sweeney playing Spider-Woman have been floating around since the announcement of her casting. More recently, a fan illustrated Sweeney in a Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman costume. The image’s popularity has permeated nearly every site covering the spider-verse movies. Additionally, Total Film Magazine’s recent interview with Sydney Sweeney has been misrepresented by various sites, citing her statement as official confirmation that she will play Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman. If you read the interview, there’s no official confirmation. Even so, the likelihood of her playing that iteration of Spider-Woman is high. With the popularity of the spider-verse and Sweeney’s star power, Julia Carpenter is building up tons of hype as we wait for a glimpse of her first live-action appearance! We tracked 32 copies sold of Secret Wars #7, at a 7-day trend of 124%, with a high sale of $255 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a raw NM FMV of $29.

The Spot was always a fascinating villain but never an entirely threatening one. Across the Spider-Verse took the gimmick villain and made him a true force of nature. It’s tough to describe how The Spot shifts into the A-tier of comic book villains without giving away any spoilers. The film gives the character depth and is intertwined with Miles Morales’ growth as a hero. He may start as a joke, but by the film’s end, you see what The Spot is truly capable of, and it is terrifying. ‘Nuff said! We can’t wait to see more of the villain in the next movie! We tracked 28 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 112%, with a high sale of $350 for a CGC 9.8 and a current raw NM FMV of $27.

This book is a double whammy. While INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE fans may recognize The Prowler as Earth-1610’s version of Aaron Davis, the Prowler first appeared in this 1969 issue with the secret identity of Hobie Brown. Those who watched ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE might know that identity better as the scene-stealer himself, Spider-Punk. Hobie’s first appearance is seeing a spike with this sudden public admiration. When it comes to The Prowler, Miles’ Uncle Aaron made this character popular in Into the Spider-Verse, and his death motivated Miles to become the hero he is. Without revealing too much, The Prowler remains a significant part of Miles Morales in Across the Spider-Verse (see the movie). With such an essential key and connection to two vital characters in Miles’ epic animated trilogy, it makes sense that it had a sudden traction of 16 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 203%, with a high sale of $700 for a CGC 9.0 and a raw VG FMV of $72.

3 thoughts on “ Top Ten for Week of 6/9/23”

  1. Ain’t nobody buying that Rocketeer book. a whopping 28 copies sold in 7 days after being hyped by a comic-hype-sites is really really weak. I bought over 50 copies of Edge of Spider-verse #1 (Bengal variant) over a 2 day span and that didn’t make any hot list.

    Thanks Anthony! you rock.

    1. One auction at $18, one BIN at $44 and then all the rest are $50+ BIN, not bad for a 1:10. We’ll see if they keep moving though.

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