Dirty D’s F.O.C. (7/9/23)

Hello, CHU Nation! I hope everyone is surviving the hottest days ever recorded on earth! Although we all know the dinosaurs had it worse. So stop complaining.

As I’m sure you all noticed, I didn’t have an FOC article last week. That’s mainly because Marvel, DC and a few other big-boy-wannabees didn’t put much out for final order cut-off. Mainly on the account of the 4th of July holiday falling on a Tuesday, and most opting for the long weekend. And the only book worth talking about everyone was talking about. So I took a long weekend myself!

This week we’re back to the regular full slate of books on FOC from just about all publishers. I will be honest, I don’t see much for speculation, but there are some interesting covers and many of those are facsimile’s of cool keys, first issues, or just interesting reads. Not really expecting any major firsts worth tanking a gamble on. But feel free to point any out I may have missed, as I don’t necessarily catch all the solicitations.

Facs of Life

So lets begin with some cool reprints. I find it odd what Marvel chooses to release in facsimile (X-Men 1991???), when there are so many keys out there that we haven’t seen reprinted in a long time, if ever. But this week we’ve got some I’m sure will be popular. DC seems to be a lot more picky, and we can appreciate when they have a foil cover not jacking up the price on retailers like Marvel does.


Werewolf by Night 33 Facsimile Edition

Second appearance of Moon Knight in facsimile. If you picked up WWBN 32 facsimile, then you’ll likely pick this up too. Unfortunately no foil cover for this one.




Omega Men #3 Facsimile Edition (Cover B – Foil Variant))

The link above is to the foil variant. There’s a regular facsimile too, but this book isn’t all that expensive raw at the moment. I personally have a graded copy I’m holding on to for when the news breaks on a Lobo movie or cinematic appearance. Having a cool shiny foil facsimile will make that easier to let go when the time comes!


Number Ones



Immortal Thor #1 (Martin Coccolo Foil Variant)

I thought Gods were immortal, but I suppose Gorr can kill them, so maybe not. But Thor is the latest to get an “Immortal” title, and Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk) is writing. So worth a look. There are several covers, but since I don’t think this book will be anything like Immortal Hulk in popularity (or catch people off guard) why not go for the shiny one (foil)? But be careful as some shops are charging cover while others are bumping up the price…also, beware this book comes out 8/23 (not 8/9), so bundle appropriately.



Ghost Rider Wolverine Weapons Vengeance Alpha #1 (of 4) (GR Insignia Variant)

A demonic serial killer is murdering innocent mutants. But what is it about this deadly new villain that forces our two heroes to team up? And what buried secret does he share with Wolverine and Ghost Rider’s never-before-seen very first meeting in the past?

May be a new villain, but what could be interesting is the story about GR (Johnny Blaze) and Wolvie’s first meeting. I know they’ve met before, but I don’t recall which book was their “true” first meeting. I’m curious is this will retcon anything.

Going with the Ghost Rider Insignia variant. It’d be so much better if the bar code was on the back though…(maybe 2nd print virgin or Walmart variant will come along).



Star Wars Return of Jedi Max Rebo #1 (Connecting Variant)

The solicitation doesn’t make we want to buy this book, but I do like a good Boushh cover. And Solo in carbonite in the background is a nice touch. The only thing to pick at is why Klatuu is cut-off right at the spine. Poor Klatuu…he finally gets his big moment to shine and he’s spliced between two covers…guy just can’t catch a break.

(Even his other half on Star Wars Rebellion #1 is partially blocked out by Lando…)



Sacrificers #1 (Cover A – Fiumara)

Tomorrow is a harmonious paradise thanks to five families who make everything perfect for the price of one child per household. Now, as that bill comes due, a son expected to give everything for a family that never loved him and an affluent daughter determined to destroy utopia must unite to end one generation’s unnaturally protracted reign.

Seems like Image is really hyping this up to retailers, and there are a lot of incentive variants. So expect a large print run. Pick up cover A for the read, but if you want to spec on this book there is a TFAW variant that is more affordable at $15 than the higher ratios.


Judge These Books By Their Covers

Here’s a few additional books that have interesting variant covers with some notables.


Knight Terrors #3 (of 4) (Cover D – Neon Ink Variant)

Deadman here–Boston Brand, again! My horror adventure continues as the Sleepless Knights attack us. But now I have a new problem: Batman’s son Damian is furious and keeps trying to fight me! My only safe haven is…the House of Horror.

Couple things here. First, only the neon ink book is on FOC this week. So if you’re into these neon ink cover just be aware. If not, then I believe the other covers are next week.

Second, the solicitation is interesting in that it mentions “House of Horror.” Could DC be thinking of bringing back the House of Horrors comic? Something to keep an eye out for when this book comes out



House of Slaughter #16 (Cover C – Spot Uv Variant)

Nothing worth noting within this book. Just UV spot covers seem to be a new thing. Issue #17 looks to have a UV spot variant coming out as well.


Star Wars #37 (Obi-Wan Clone Wars 15th Anniversary Variant)

The latest round of themed covers for Marvel Star Wars appear to be Clone Wars 15th Anniversary variants, and they start with Star Wars #37. I’m not crazy about this cover, but if you’re a Clone Wars cartoon fan this might be appealing to you. There are some better covers on FOC in August, which I think are by E.M. Gist (check out Doctor Aphra 36 and Bounty Hunters #38).


Pick of The Week


Amazing Spider-Man #300 Facsimile (Foil Variant)

Like I said, it’s not a great week for spec. Yes, despite the high price for retailers this book is going to be heavily ordered. So it’s a long term spec book, at best. But I’m making it my pick of the week because everyone should have a copy in their PC, and it’ll probably still sell out most shops because so many don’t think to order ahead. Small shops (like mine) will order very few beyond pull list requests. I’m sure everyone at some point has seen this book in chrome or the Mexican foil copy…This one should be almost as nice, and a fraction of the price.

Different retailers are offering different price points, so look around for the best price or even support your LCS. One thing to be aware of is that this book is set for release on 8/23, so you may not want to combine this with other books on FOC this week (which come out 8/9) if you’re ordering online.

Drek of the Week

There are two Drek picks this week, but not that they’re bad, but more so as just don’t get too excited.


W0rldtr33 #1 (4th Printing)

This cover gets more blurry with each printing. This is my first Drek pick because I just don’t think it’s worth pre-ordering at FOC. For one, a 5th printing seems inevitable. And secondly, this book seems to have issues with the printers for whatever reason. Both tell me it’s better to wait and see what happens. I doubt people are going to scoff these up right away.


My second Drek is ALL MISS MINUTES OPEN ORDER VARIANT COVERS going forward. Now, if you’re a Miss Minutes fan, by all means grab these. And some of these are variant covers to books above, so maybe grab it for the read even. But it seems like the next character theme that will cross over most titles is Miss Minutes variant art (gearing up for Loki, Season 2). If you do a search for Miss Minutes on TFAW, you’ll see what I mean. So the novelty of these is going to wear off fast.


Children of the Vault #1 (of 4) (Miss Minutes Variant)


Immortal Thor #1 (Peach Momoko Miss Minutes Variant)



Ghost Rider Wolverine Weapons Vengeance Alpha #1 (of 4) (Miss Minutes Variant)



That’s it for this week, my friends. If I missed anything good, feel free to leave a message in the comments!

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