Dirty D’s F.O.C. (7/22/23)

Greetings from Canada’s Ocean Playground! That’s Nova Scotia, for all you non-Canuck’s. Today “The D” is writing up his FOC picks from Halifax, after spending the earlier part of the day getting down and Dirty walking along the muddy ocean floor at Burntcoat Head Park, home to the world’s highest tides. It’s hard to imagine that where I’m standing in the panoramic picture above will be under 30 feet of water in a matter of a few hours!

But just because I’m on vacation, doesn’t mean I can’t throw together a quick FOC article for this week.

Judge These Books By Their Covers


Vigil #4 (of 6) (Cover B – Malavia Variant)

I’ve heard good things about this series, although I haven’t picked it up yet myself. Going to go back and try to grab issues 1-3 on the cheap if I can. But this cover just looks pretty slick, in my opinion. Best yet in the series.



Read the untold tale of how their worlds first collided–and the stunning- secret loss that nearly destroyed their partnership before it even began!

Something tells me this is retconning a story. But likely a pre-crisis book. Anyway, if you’re going to grab this story, why not grab the foil variant?

Amazing Spider-Man #32 (Disney100 Variant)

For those collecting the 100 Years of Disney variants.

We got an Orday Classic homage to Return if the Jedi last month. How about an issue #1 homage this month?

And for those collecting the Clone Wars 15th Anniversary variants, one of the better Asajj Ventress covers I’ve seen.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…Print, Print Again



Spider-Man #10 (2nd Ptg)

Not a great cover, but calling attention to this one because the first print of this issue did not have Spider-Boy on any of the covers (if you’re a fan).

Void Rivals #1 (3rd Ptg)

Another cover featuring Jetfire. But you would think the print run would be lower…so maybe a grab and stash. Cover art by Ryan Barry/Mike Spicer.

Independant #1 of the Week


Plot Holes #1 (of 5) (Cover C – Simonson Beta Ray Bill Homage)

THE PLOT HOLES are a squad of fictional warriors who transport themselves into the pages of other books, using their unique skills to save the plots in order to stop them from being destroyed. And Cliff is their newest recruit, a comic creator who’s just realized his world isn’t real-in fact, it’s a complete fiction that literally exists inside a novel. The other members are misfits like him, pulled from unpublished books that couldn’t be saved: a manga samurai, a barbarian tiger, a kid from a comic strip, and a vampire assassin. Outclassed by the other members, Cliff sets out to prove his worth to The Plot Holes as they fight to save as many books as possible.

The description reminds me of The Neverending Story in a way, which was a childhood favorite of mine. Story and art are by Sean Murphy of the White Knight “Murphy-Verse” fame. A lot of covers to choose from, so pick what you like. My fav is the cool Thor 337 homage by THE Walt Simonson!

Pick of the Week

Venom #25 (Foil Variant)

Ok, I don’t exactly expect this to climb in value. But I do expect this will look stunning in a foil cover. And it being an thicker “anniversary” issue with a $7.99 cover price, and with Marvel not discounting the prices for retailers…you may want to make plans to pre-order this before FOC to avoid paying crazy asking prices.

The other thing is that this book is on FOC 2 weeks early (Issue #24 is also on FOC this week), so if you’re ordering know that if you bundle this book with others on FOC this week you’ll be waiting an extra couple weeks for them to ship together. Plan accordingly.

Honorable Mention

 Knight Terrors Catwoman #2 (of 2) (Cover B – Tula Lotay Variant)

Tula Lotay is hit or miss. But I appreciate her effort and style in todays glossy A.I. computer generated fake looking art. I just wish I’m this cover the creepy hands were not coming down and it would be more of a mystery what surprised Selina. But it is Knight Terrors, so I get it.

Drek of the Week

Nothing that really stands out to me.

Parting Words, Eh?

So while spell checking “Canuck”, I came across an online game called “Canuckle”. It’s very much like Wordle (which I’m a regular player), but the answers are a word, place or “Canadianism” related to Canada in some way. I haven’t tried it yet, but may just add it to my daily online puzzle rotation. Seeing how I grew up mere miles from the Canadian border, I may actually have a shot at solving some of the puzzles!

Good Day to ya all! Time now to sit back and enjoy my timbits and double double!

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