Dirty D’s F.O.C. (8/5/23)

Hey there, CHU Nation and newcomers. Welcome to another addition of Dirty D’s Final Order Cutoff!

This is a bit of a slow week, compared to last week. But searching through the list of books I’ve found enough to throw together an article. Nothing too exciting, but these are some books that you may not find a large number of copies on the shelf (and/or could be snapped up quickly) so might be worth adding to you pull or ordering ahead online. And especially for some of the more expensive books (e.g., foil covers) where committing early can save you a little cash.

Judge These Books By Their Cover


Poison Ivy #14 (Cover E – Fong Bioluminescent Uv Reactive & Glow-In-The-Dark Variant)

What, they could not mash in “foil, 3-D, Die-Cut, Negative Space, Gatefold Metal, etc, etc, etc”…? Either way, the variant cover description says it all, though. Could be pretty trippy! Note that the other covers for this book are on FOC next week…so this book is on FOC a week early due to the special cover. Plan accordingly if you are ordering online and pairing this book with others on FOC this week.


Star Wars #38 (E.M. Gist Cody Clone Wars 15th Anniv Variant)

It’s E.M. Gist’s turn to pump out some Clone Wars 15th Anniversary covers. And he rarely disappoints. This is the first over the next few weeks. There’s also a connecting variant for SW38 (below) by Casanovas.


Star Wars #38 (Casanovas Droids Connect Variant)

Normally I’m not a fan of these connecting variants. They always seem to cut someone in half, and I never put these books together. But Droids have their popularity, and this cover has to have some new faces on it that also might be in the book. I think they will look pretty sweet together in the end, better than most other connecting variants. How awesome would it be to see a panoramic poster of all the covers combined (make it happen, Marvel!)


Star Wars Dark Droids #2 (Casanovas Droids Connect Variant)

This is shaping up to be an interesting series. After one issue I’m hooked. Droids have always been fascinating. Essentially sentient beings, “forced” into slave labor. But because they appear to be (or are programmed to be) accepting of that role, not many of us question the ethics surrounding their predicament. Well, this series might dive into that a bit, but taking it to a different extreme. A Droid uprising is about to begin. And I’m curious to see what role Kligson is going to play (who did not appear in issue #1). I like the connecting variant best, as like Star Wars #38, there could be a first appearance of a droid in the book and on this cover. So maybe a long shot spec book. The two covers connected are shown below (I hope Marvel makes the right decision and moves the damn barcode to the back!)


Fabulous First Issues


Silver Surfer Rebirth Legacy #1 (Neg Space Variant)

Beloved creators Ron Marz and Ron Lim return to a story from their celebrated run on Silver Surfer and they’re not the only time travelers.

I enjoyed the classic Marz/Lim run in the 90s surfer series. So I have some high expectations here, if anything looking for some nostalgia in this read. It is also hinting at another time traveler, so possible new character. So if I’m going to grab a copy to read, I’m going for the cool negative space variant. I know they’ve been overdone as of late, but this is one of Thanos! And it’s being offered to us for cover price. Wins all around, here.


Ghost Rider Wolverine Weapons Vengeance Omega #1

…will WOLVERINE and GHOST RIDER meet their untimely demise at the hands of the demonic force known as ‘STITCHER’?! And who is the mysterious FATHER PIKE?

I may wait out for a better 2nd print cover, but it’s possible one of these new characters mentioned in the solicitation is on Cover A. If you picked up Alpha #1 and Ghost Rider #17, you’re grabbing this as well.


Hunt for the Skinwalker #1 (of 4) (Cover A)

If I’m picking up one independent on FOC this week, its going to be this book. Seems like it’s a little Department of Truth and a little bit of Something is Killing the Children. And Boom has a decent track record in recent years. There are a lot of covers, but I’m going with Cover A as it has more of that Iconic feel than the variants…and if it takes off, usually A is the winner.

Foiled Faxes

I’ll admit I am now spoiled on foil facsimiles, to the point that if Marvel/DC don’t offer a foil variant I’m disappointed. Here are two worth noting; ROM and Wonder Woman #1 (1987).


Rom #1 (Facsimile Edition Foil Variant)


Wonder Woman #1 (1987) Facsimile Edition (Cover C – Foil Variant)

Cover of the Week



Scarlet Witch #8 ((Retailer 25 Copy Incentive Variant) Oscar Vega Variant)

I don’t usually highlight incentives, as 99% are not worth their price at ratio, but this one I think is a very sleek cover using just the head dresses and eyes in the reflections of each as it relates to the story (Loki and Wanda potential fling). One thing I noticed if you stand back the way they are angled the scarlet witch headdress looks to make an outline of a woman’s hips (e.g., bikini bottom) and Loki’s looks to be a bikini top…very subtle, and very clever if that was intentional…and I think it was. A++!

Drek of the Week

Marvel Frank Miller Variants


Whatever Miller is trying to do with this series of perspective (looking down at characters), it is not working. The Silver Surfer is probably the best one so far, and it’s not that good. I don’t know if this was Marvel’s idea, or Frank’s…but Marvel needs to step in and stop it. I am a Miller fan, but this is not his bag, baby.

Parting Thoughts

So no pick of the week as nothing really stands out above everything else. Scarlet Witch would take it if it was cover price, so if you find it well below ratio I think it will pay off. Otherwise don’t pay ratio unless it’s for the PC.

Summer is rounding the corner (as signified by the start of NFL preseason games), but there’s still plenty of time for summer fun. Have a great week, everyone!





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