Spoilers: Immortal Thor #1 – Utgard Thor and Utgard Loki

Immortal Thor #1 is in stores tomorrow. We meet other versions of familiar gods. Check out the spoilers below:

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you can’t unsee. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now!

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6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Immortal Thor #1 – Utgard Thor and Utgard Loki”

  1. We don’t want to hate WOKE Marvel, but making Dylan Mulvany play Loki is a good reason.
    And this isn’t the first time woke crap and pronoun s#1T has creeped into Thor…

    1. When you say, “woke”, are you referring to hiring someone that is transgender? I’m just wanting to understand your displeasure. Should transgender people not be allowed to act? I think you might be surprised how many LGBTQ+ people there are in the theater and acting community.

      1. Hire someone transgender to tell Thor’s story, not the writer’s transexual fantasy…Did Bud Light teach them nothing. Of course not, men with beards in dresses are going to be forced down our throats. Did Loki HAVE to be Dylan Mulvany? How about making Loki look like an original mentally ill person? Remember, these mentally ill people invade all aspects of our lives. COMICS are for escapism. Marvel wants to hire the mentally ill, god bless ’em, but don’t give them free reign. And Sten, the questions you asked in response to my post means you will NEVER understand “my” displeasure.

    1. Years ago we had people who thought they were Napoleon. We did not enable them to invade Prussia. 40,000 years of Homo Sapien history and for 39,997 years we’ve had no problem understanding men and women… one more thing, when the brain says one thing and the pituitary gland, facial hair, vocal chords, testicles, and adam’s apple tell you another, bet on the ones that can’t be deceived

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