Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 9/6/23

Every week, tons of new books hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery this Wednesday

What is up Wednesday Warriors? Another slow-ish week, but starting to see an uptick in some cool looking horror titles. Check out what is on tap below:

New #1’s
Bad Omens Concrete Jungle #1 – From the mega-viral and chart-topping band known as Bad Omens, comes this comic series based on their newest record, The Death of Peace of Mind. Bad Omens is one of many crime syndicates that operate in the largest district of the lawless and predominantly self governed Concrete Jungle. Their members toe-the-line morally so to speak when it comes to their revolving door of methods and motives, but in the end could be the anti heroes the city needs, and the true kings of the concrete jungle.

Birds Of Prey #1 – New Birds of Prey series kicks off.

Blue Beetle #1 – New Blue Beetle series kicks off.

Brazilian Wax #1 – Indie book translating Brazilian underground comics for English readers, adults only.

Fire & Ice Welcome To Smallville #1 – new DC series. A raucous, timely, unflinching comedy about a decades-long friendship on the brink of disaster and what it means to be a superhero at a crossroads in your life, Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville reintroduces the iconic duo to the Dawn of DC

Masters Of The Universe Forge Of Destiny #1 – New MOTU series from Dark Horse.

Project Cryptid #1 – New AHOY anthology series, featuring Bigfoot, Yetis, Nessies, Jersey Devils, and more! AHOY presents a deep dive into all things cryptid, legendary, tall tale, and fanciful, written by some of your favorite writers. Issue 1 features Mark Russell’s Yeti and Paul Cornell’s Mongolian Death Worm. Also: to celebrate AHOY’s fifth anniversary, all books from Sep-Nov feature an epic multi-writer prose story-starting here, with a 7-page opening chapter by Grant Morrison!

Tear Us Apart #1 – New Dark Horse series. Deep in the Canadian wilderness, a vicious cult, dedicated to an ideology of pain, trains children to become deadly assassins. In the midst of this world of cruelty, two teenagers break the cardinal rule–by falling in love. The only thing standing between them and happily ever after is an army of murderers with a taste for blood.

Notable Reprint
Amazing Spider-Man #31 2nd Ptg – First appearance of Jackpot in costume gets a reprint. I like the main cover but staying away from the Skan.

For the Cover

Silver Surfer Rebirth Legacy #1 John Tyler Christopher Negative Space Cover – Sweet looking negative space cover with Thanos in purple

Spider-Gwen Annual #1 Jeehyung Lee Spider-Gwen Cover – Just a good looking cover.

Small Press Gem
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Annual Spectacular #1 – Amber Nightstone returns with two new characters, Jade and Sapphire. Sticking with the A cover as there are so many store variants on this one, and some that just do not make sense.

Small Press Pick of the Week
Hunt For The Skinwalker #1 – I like this one for several reasons, mainly, Skinwalker Ranch is already in the media.
Unidentified flying objects. Animal mutilation. Terrifying otherworldly cryptids. Countless strange phenomena. For more than 50 years, a remote ranch in the Uinta Basin has been the most significant nexus for the paranormal. Inspired by one family’s confrontation with the unexplainable and terrifying… and what happened when they invited the largest scientific investigation of the paranormal to their ranch. Based on the 2005 groundbreaking, electrifying nonfiction book by Dr. Colm Kelleher and veteran investigative journalist George Knapp that revealed the captivating true history of Gorman Ranch for the first time, seizing mainstream imagination and inspiring high profile investigations, documentaries, and genre fiction in various media.

Pick of the Week
Kill Your Darlings #1 – New Image series that looks really good. Eight-year-old Rose loves nothing more than to play pretend in a magical land of her own creation. To her, that world is as real as our own, from her fluffy friends to the terrible evil that lurks at the center of it all. In one night, the line between fantasy and reality will disappear, an ancient hunger will feed again, and Rose will be pulled into a gruesome saga that began centuries before her birth.

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