Madame Web Trailer Drops Online

The first trailer for the upcoming Spider-family movie, Madame Web has dropped, and surprisingly, looks really good, in my opinion. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think

Looks like we get the following characters:

Ezekiel (main villain) Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #30

Cassandra Web Amazing Spider-Man #210

Julia Carpenter Secret Wars #6

Mattie Franklin Amazing Spider-Man #5

Anya Corazon Amazing Fantasy #1

And is that Kaine?? Web of Spider-Man #119

4 thoughts on “Madame Web Trailer Drops Online”

  1. I just don’t understand. Did anyone at Sony and Marvel do background on this character?! A 90 year old woman is now 22 years old. Yet another pandering girl power movie to follow the Marvels and Ahsoka. Does Marvel understand who their audience is and who are buying their books? I’ll pass. If I watch it it will be with a Fast Forward button. Thank the Lord for a FF button. I FF’d through Black Panther 2, Eternals and Doctor Strange 2. I wish there was a big eraser button.

    1. Right? I was like”Sony gave Jessica Drew Madame Webb’s precog abilities? Oh no…”. Ezekial? Timely.

  2. So, in the Madame Web trailer, we get to see Cassandra Webb trying to save three girls from being hunted down . The man behind these girls is called Ezekiel Simmons and can apparently see into the future. However, our Madame Web can do the same and is seen rescuing these girls in a very Final Destination manner from being attacked by Simmons.

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