Top Ten for Week of 11/24/23

Since  came on the scene, they have become a go to spot for watching eBay trends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics:

Sorry for the delay, hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving. There is no runners up list this week.

10. Black Panther #6 – Doaly (1:25)
There is a new king in town! All hail King M’Teli! Well, he’s not technically new to the throne or the mantle of Black Panther, as he held both titles a century before T’Challa. When fans saw the solicitation for this book, their attention was immediately on King M’Teli. This 1:25 variant from Doaly was the king of the pack, featuring an exceptionally regal M’Teli gracing the cover. We tracked 15 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 143%, with a high sale of $167 for a raw copy, and a current raw NM FMV of $110.

9. The Sentry Vol.1 #1
This book was trending before Phase 5 of the MCU had much clarification. That was due to rumors circulating that the Sentry would be the main antagonist in the THUNDERBOLTS film. The rumor was sparked by an unconfirmed Marvel casting request for an “Evil Superman” type. Robert Kirkman recently appeared on a livestream with David Finch and remarked, “My good friend Steven Yuen is playing the Sentry in a movie.” There was some other context behind it, but you get the point. Fans immediately hit up the aftermarket in search of a copy! We tracked 31 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 77%, with a high sale of $350 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a raw NM FMV of $109.

8. Young Avengers #1
***POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR THE MARVELS*** This book was going gangbusters during the incredible hype that WanaVision produced. It has done so again, partly due to the end credit scene in The Marvels teasing the Young Avengers. Fans theorized Marvel would be heading the Young Avengers route once we saw the likes of Wiccan and Speed (Wiccan first appeared in this book) in WanaVision. In the pipeline, we also had projects featuring Kate Bishop as Hawkeye and Eli Bradley, minus the Patriot moniker. The fire is lit once again! We tracked 17 copies sold at a 7-day trend of 171%, with a high sale of $350 for a CGC 9.8 and a current raw NM FMV of $70.

7. The Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #164
***SPOILER ALERT*** This comic book is tied directly to the end-credit scene of “The Marvels” movie. While that scene gave us Kelsey Grammar as Beast, it also has Monica Rambeua’s mother refering to herself as Binary. In the comics, Binary was originally an alter ego of Carol Danvers. This book features the first appearance of Carol Danvers as Binary. The mention of Binary in the end credit scene has significant implications for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). As a result, this book has gained a lot of attention. Over the past seven days, 29 copies have been sold, with a 102% increase in trend. The highest sale was for a CGC 9.8 copy, which sold for $250, and the current fair market value for a raw VF copy is $27.

6. The Authority #1
When James Gunn took over the DC Universe, he announced that “The Authority” would be one of the early adaptations he would pursue. This revelation brought this comic book from relative obscurity to the limelight practically overnight. People started talking about this superhero team, often comparing them to “The Boys.” This book is significant because it features the first team appearance of “The Authority.” It experienced a surge in demand when Gunn made his announcement. However, as time passed without much news, interest in the book waned. It wasn’t until James Gunn confirmed María Gabriela de Faría’s casting as the second Engineer in the upcoming “Superman: Legacy” project that the book gained momentum again. This version of the Engineer first appeared in this comic, causing it to skyrocket in aftermarket demand. In the last seven days, 25 copies of this comic book have been sold, with a 130% increase in trend. The highest sale was for a CGC 9.8 copy, which sold for $300, and the current fair market value for a raw NM copy is $46.

5. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars Vol.1 #7 – Direct
This book features the first full appearance of the second Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter. Rumors ran rampant last year that Sydney Sweeney would play the character in the upcoming Madame Web film. It was “confirmed” earlier this year that she would play the character. Now, we have a distinct shot of Sweeney rocking the famous costume in the trailer. It appears we will get a trio of Spider-Gals in the film, and since this rumor first circulated, Sweeney as Carpenter has been the one the fanbase wanted. It appears we may get just that! We tracked 41 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 95%, with a high sale of $250 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a raw VF FMV of $16.

4. Amazing Fantasy #1
This book popped off when the initial Madame Web rumors began to swirl. The community had it pegged from the get-go that Isabela Merced would portray Arana Corazon, who first appeared in this book, in the film. With the trailer finally dropping, we saw the character in action, albeit briefly, and sporting her iconic goggles like she does in the comics. We still don’t know if she will evolve into Spider-Girl as the film progresses, but the community has their eyes on the character and this book! We tracked 42 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 152%, with a high sale of $180 for a CGC 9.8 and a raw NM FMV of $34.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #210
The last time this book hit our list (in the newsstand edition) was after Sony announced plans to move forward with a Madame Web solo film. A large majority of the fanbase thought it would never come to pass due to the weak fanfare for Morbius and the abandonment of the El Muerto project. Sony wasn’t playing and recently dropped a trailer for a Madame Web film that got the community buzzing. Subsequently, her first appearance started seeing some heat in the aftermarket. We tracked 39 copies sold with a 7-day trend of 176% and had a high sale of $975 for a CGC 9.8 current raw VF FMV of $81.

2. The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.2 #30 (471)
Well, the cat’s out of the bag. Madame Web is officially happening, and the first trailer for the project sent shockwaves through the market. Sony confirmed a 2022 rumor that Ezekial Sims would appear in Madame Web, and he’s being marketed as the movie’s villain. His first appearance was in this comic book alongside Morlun. This issue is significant for several reasons. The fanbase is becoming increasingly interested in the Spider-Totem aspect of the story told within this book. Sony has been teasing this storyline in its recent film, Morbius, and it appears they are using that narrative to expand their cinematic universe. While it might be challenging without Spider-Man, Sony is determined to build its world. In the last seven days, 53 copies of this comic book have been sold, with a remarkable 242% increase in trend. The highest sale was for a CGC 9.8 copy, which sold for $200, and the current fair market value for a raw NM copy is $47.

1. Alien Legion Vol.1 #1
Per The Hollywood Reporter, Tim Miller, of Deadpool fame, is set to adapt Alien Legion and grow it into a space opera franchise. Described as the French Foreign Legion in space, the Alien Legion boils down to that. It’s a conglomerate of soldiers fighting for fame or fortune in the name of the Galactic Union. It’s a wild ride and was a title people slept on. That is no longer the case, as fans visited the aftermarket in droves to secure a copy of this cheap book. Prices are rising thanks to the level of entry, prevalence, and the quickly dwindling market of cheap copies. We tracked 116 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 283%, with a high sale of $158 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a current raw FN FMV of $10.

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