Dirty D’s F.O.C. (3/31/24)

Hello CHU! I feel like I just sobered up from St. Patty’s day, just to find myself surrounded by chocolate eggs and jelly beans.

And that means the Big Bunny (not to be confused with Bad Bunny) is back again, breaking and entering into homes and leaving all sorts of droppings behind. Reading up on the origins, apparently the bunny signifies the fertility and rebirth that spring brings.

As for how the Easter Bunny character made its way to America, he was first introduced in the 1700s by German immigrants to Pennsylvania, who reportedly brought over their tradition of an egg-laying hare named “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws”. Legend has it, the rabbit would lay colorful eggs as gifts to children who were good, so kids would make nests in which the bunny could leave his eggs and even sometimes set out carrots in case the hare got hungry. Yes, the bunny used to lay eggs like a platypus.

Anyhoo, let’s do some egg hunting into this weeks FOC for some treats…




Universal Monsters Black Lagoon #1 (Middleton Variant)

Years after the events of the original film, journalist Kate Marsden hunts for a notorious serial killer in the heart of the Amazon. Hot on the trail of this madman, she soon encounters an unexpected new threat-but is it friend or foe? Or is it simply… THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON?

New mini-series. Too bad it’s not in 3-D. My favorite is this Middleton variant. Dirty D Cover of the Week!



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Black White & Green #1

This special series gathers up some of comics’ most eclectic and exciting talent to bring their takes on TMNT to the page, taking the characters back to their origins in black-and-white independent comics…but with a touch of green!

Not sure how good this series is going to be, but I like this cover.



American Nature Presents #1

A newsprint explosion of comics and entertainment! Sink your teeth into a brand-new Santos Sisters adventure, struggle to contain your laughter at Josh Pettinger’s Tedward, and explore a treasure trove of articles. This ain’t your average mag – it’s a raw, unapologetic celebration of comics culture. Walk on the wild side!

I have no idea what this book or series is, but the cover caught my eye. Given the popularity of Archie innuendo covers, could be a sleeper hit.



Venom Separation Anxiety #1

VENOM co-creator DAVID MICHELINIE returns to tell another all-new tale set in EDDIE BROCK’S earliest days! Venom has made a new enemy. And their bond will be tested like never before when a foe with the power to alter reality itself threatens to tear Eddie’s world apart, starting with his symbiote!

Maybe a new character. But what caught my eye was the homage to Web of Spider-man #1.


New Reads


Get Fury #1

It’s 1971, there is a war raging in Vietnam, and Nick Fury has been captured by the Viet Cong. At this moment, they don’t quite understand that they have in their possession a man who knows enough secrets to damage the United States beyond comprehension. The C.I.A., however, DOES realize this and they can’t risk their enemy getting those secrets, so they dispatch the most deadly man in the U.S. Army – LT. FRANK CASTLE.

Cover A homages ASM 129. But thinking this may be more than a cool cover, but a good read as well. Fury vs Castle.



Star Wars Phantom Menace 25th Ann Special #1

CELEBRATING THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PHANTOM MENACE WITH AN ALL-NEW STORY! Explore the earliest days and secret inner life of ANAKIN SKYWALKER with never-before-seen, revelatory stories set before, after and between the scenes of the classic movie! Featuring the dream of a JEDI, the gift of a TUSKEN RAIDER, the heart of a GUNGAN, the ache of a mother and the horror of a hero!

Phantom Menance is not a great memory for many, so not expecting anything speculation-wise. But this could be a good read. It’s a one shot.



White Boat #1

White Boats are the mega-yachts that the super-rich use to traverse the globe-floating islands where your every desire can be fulfilled. And getting invited on board one should be a dream come true…that is until the crew traps and transports you to a remote island where secret cults have existed for millennia, working on something called “The Human Project.” Does the White Boat ship you to paradise or sink you into hell on earth?

Latest new series from DSTLRY. Reuniting Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla for a white-knuckle descent into Lovecraftian maritime madness!



Roboforce #1 (Cover C – Toy Variant)

Meet Maxx 89, the latest and greatest innovation in the field of robotics! As a member of RoboForce-the crew of highly advanced androids that are redefining technological advancement on 22nd century Earth. There’s no job too big for him to handle. But when their creator’s newest invention is stolen by a rival company in a brazen act of corporate warfare, Maxx and the high-powered Detonator are determined to get it back . . . even if it means breaking company protocol!

A new series leading directly into the upcoming Nacelle Company animated series. I like the toy variant cover.



Drawing Blood #1 (of 12)

Kevin Eastman returns with a look into the roller coaster life of a successful comics creator. When you create a global franchise before you turn twenty… what happens next? Welcome to the world of Shane Bookman, a cartoonist whose real life has become more absurd than any comic book!

There are quite a few interesting Indy books this week. But this one stands out to me given it’s about a comic creator written by Eastman.


Reprints and Faxes


Showcase #22 (Facsimile Edition – Foil Variant))

Love these Golden and Silver Age keys facsimiles in foil!



Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (5th Printing)

4th Printing is still weeks away from release…but apparently we’ve demanded a 5th print….

Will it ever end?!!


Dirty D’s Pick-Of-The-Week


Spider-Woman #7

We know several New Champions characters have been promised to appear in this book. In fact, one is on the A cover, and three more on the Nuack variant, shown below (seen previously on New Champions variant covers to Immortal Thor, Moon Knight and Captain Marvel).

Keep in mind that issue #6 is still a few weeks out from release and they may all appear in that book as well. If they do and it’s in cameo, there could be a rush for these covers post FOC.



Parting Thoughts

As you can see, this week was pretty much dominated by independents for a change. Not much for spec but likely some good stories. Have a great week!

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  1. Drawing Blood. It was a mini series about a year ago. A story loosely based on Eastman. An artist dealing with creating a huge franchise. Instead of turtles they were the Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls. They even made a comic for those characters. But they don’t say that this is a second series. A lot of people think it’s the first drawing blood series

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