Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 5/1/24

Every week, tons of new books hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery this Wednesday

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What is up Wednesday Warriors? Pretty good week this week, a must pick up, some cool reads, and lots of new #1’s. Here is what is on tap.

New Series/#1’s
Bear Pirate Viking Queen #1 – a blood-splattered story of conquest. Bears. Pirates. Vikings. And Queens-all battling for their claim to determine what the world will become. Check Mycomicshop tonight.

Blood Brothers Mother #1 – DSTLRY – Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso-the legendary creative team behind the seminal crime series 100 BULLETS! In the old American West, three children set off across the wild Texas frontier to rescue their mother-kidnapped by ruthless outlaws who gunned down their preacher father. Throughout their journey, they’ll face the harsh elements of an unforgiving landscape, deadly animals hungry for blood, merciless bounty hunters and so much more…all in a relentless quest to rescue their family. Along the way, they’ll learn the terrible cost of revenge-not just in lives, but in how it stains a soul. While revenge may be satisfying in the moment, it leaves a yearning behind that lasts a lifetime. And once you taste it, nothing else is ever so sweet. Check Mycomicshop tonight.

Blood Hunt #1 – Marvel – Marvel’s next big crossover, with vampires, kicks off. Check Mycomicshop tonight.

Deadpool & Wolverine WWIII #1 – The most intensely mismatched team-up in comics and pop culture – the best there is and the merc with the mouth – undergoes a radical change as we kick off a three-part, globe-spanning saga for the ages! The mysterious DELTA believes in change. Change is good. But as he sets his sights on DEADPOOL, and WOLVERINE is caught up in the plot, is the third time really the charm, or the curse? Check Mycomicshop tonight.

Get Fury #1 – It’s 1971, there is a war raging in Vietnam, and Nick Fury has been captured by the Viet Cong. At this moment, they don’t quite understand that they have in their possession a man who knows enough secrets to damage the United States beyond comprehension. The C.I.A., however, DOES realize this and they can’t risk their enemy getting those secrets, so they dispatch the most deadly man in the U.S. Army – LT. FRANK CASTLE. EXPLICIT CONTENT Check Mycomicshop tonight.

Lester Of The Lesser Gods #1 – Dark Horse – Eric Powell and comedian and voice actor Lucky Yates (Archer) combine twisted comedic talents to bring you Lester of the Lesser Gods. Originally created as an unproduced animated short by Powell a decade ago, the concept was revived when the two writers were looking for a comic project to work on. Lester, the larping bastard son of the Odin, wanders the post-apocalyptic wasteland after thwarting Satan’s attempt to bring about the end of days. But can this hero of the downtrodden survive the battle arena of Will Frye the Technomancer Guy.

Roboforce #1 – One Press – Meet Maxx 89, the latest and greatest innovation in the field of robotics! As a member of RoboForce-the crew of highly advanced androids that are redefining technological advancement on 22nd century Earth-there’s no job too big for him to handle. But when their creator’s newest invention is stolen by a rival company in a brazen act of corporate warfare, Maxx and the high-powered Detonator are determined to get it back . . . even if it means breaking company protocol! Check Mycomicshop tonight.

Whisper Queen A Blacksand Tale #1 – I am fond of the Fiona Staples Cover. CHIP ZDARSKY (NEWBURN, Batman) and KRIS ANKA (Across the Spider-Verse), the ALL-STAR TEAM behind THE WHITE TREES, return to the fantastical land of Blacksand! The royal guard has sent their most capable bounty hunters after the accomplices in the king’s murder! Javro, once the king’s most skilled assassin, must find the killers before they and the bounty hunters-including her son-are wiped out by the kingdom’s most feared specter: The Dark Whisper!

New Character Alert
Superman House Of Brainiac Special #1 – Features a cameo of Brainiac Queen.

Small Press Pick of the Week
Space Ghost #1 – Dynamite – It has been a while but Space Ghost returns to the comic pages. Simple, but one of the best superhero designs of all times.

Pick of the Week
Spider-Woman #7 – Bunch of new characters appear, worth the pick up. Has buzz behind it already. Spoilers tonight. Check Mycomicshop tonight.

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  1. Some free comic day books have first appearances. For examples, Star wars young Jedi, TMNT and Ultimate universe spider-man.

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