Final Order Cut-off Highlights for 5/5/2024

Happy FOC. I was going to skip this week as there really wasn’t much to get excited about. That, and I spent just about every waking moment working outside around my house before it rained Sunday evening.

But here are a few interesting books that I thought I’d highlight. (Anthony’s  picks on here too.)



Baron Boolean appears on this cool cover. I believe he’s appeared in a few previous books this year, so not a first in story.



Something is wrong in the deep forests of Broke Tree Valley. The legends speak of something larger than human comprehension…A monstrous phantom that disappears for decades at a time. Now, it’s back, and things are about to go Very Bad if four people-Olivia, Jess, Kokoro, and Mason, scientists who have come to the small city of Kasbro to investigate a bizarre series of seismic activities in this heavily forested valley-can’t put the Mammoth to rest. One real problem with this is…Olivia’s dead.

New limited series from Mad Cave sounds interesting.



Uncle Scrooge Infinity Dime #1 (Alex Ross Cover) 1

When UNCLE SCROOGE’S fabled money bin gets stolen by a shocking culprit, the world’s toughest duck must undertake a quest unlike any other, alongside a surprising array of allies: other versions of himself! Also re-presenting the classic CHRISTMAS ON BEAR MOUNTAIN, the first appearance of Scrooge McDuck by the legendary DISNEY COMICS creator, CARL BARKS!

Marvel publishing a Disney character story is interesting by itself. But I like the Alex Ross cover for this book.

And from Anthony….

For the Cover

Just an awesome Leirix Li Harley


If you grew up in the 1980’s skate culture, you will love this one.

Two best-friend outcasts navigate the Sacramento suburbs of 1984, where they find a home in skateboard culture and punk rock. On one side of the coin, Grommets is an authentic look at 80s skate culture, a snapshot of the generation that turned skating into a worldwide phenomenon. On the other, it’s a heartfelt coming-of-age story that follows two friends from troubled homes as they navigate their damage in an era when no one cared.

One of the 1990’s iconic Indy series returns.

Peter Bagge returns to the series that defined a generation with this all-new, four-issue monthly miniseries! Buddy and Lisa, now middle aged with a free spirited young adult of their own, confront their own poor decisions as young people in the grungy 1990s. Expertly shifting between the present day (in full color) and their Gen X heyday (in glorious, crosshatched B&W), we learn for the first time the story of how Buddy met Lisa, Stinky, George, and Val. Meanwhile, Buddy is forced to come to terms with the tragic — and covered-up — circumstances of Stinky’s untimely death (way back in Hate #27). Hate Revisited expertly showcases Bagge’s inimitable humor and knack for character, and the generational shift lends an unexpected gravitas to their lives.


A group of climate scientists working in a remote base camp on the Australian outback discover an impossible landform. They venture inside expecting the unexpected, and the titular Unbeing delivers. True to the traditions of cosmic horror, they discover an anomalous environment that defies everything they think they know about the world.

Mind-bending eco-horror with an original twist on exploring the unknown.

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