Dirty D’s F.O.C. (5/13/24)

Hello CHU Nation. Happy Mothers Day to all the hard working Moms out there!

Sorry I’m getting this out so late on Sunday. I have been gardening and mulching what feels like 24-7 since Friday evening…and in the little time I wasn’t doing that it was something Mothers Day related.

Fortunately (for me) there isn’t a whole lot that caught my attention this week, so this will be short.



Deadpool #3 (Movie Variant)

Deadpool / Wolverine is on the horizon. So this cover might get popular. These movie covers tend to “pop” when the actors/actresses featured in them do a private signing or appearance at a con. Although not “art”, still going to call this the cover of the week.


Reprints and Facsimiles


Batman Gotham by Gaslight #1 (Facsimile Edition – Foil Variant))

I thought this book already had a facsimile. This elsewords universe is going to get expanded upon in a few months with “Batman Gotham by Gaslight the Kryptonian age”.

This is also a weird book to be foiled.



Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe #1 Facsimile Ed

We pretty much know that Deadpool will be killing off a lot of marvel multiverse characters in the new movie. So it makes sense that this book would get the facsimile treatment. No foil variant.

There are also variant themed books coming too.



Mad Magazine #1 Facsimile Edition

Mad magazine gets the fax treatment. No foil variant.



Godzilla #1 (Facsimile Ed Foil Variant)

This has been teased for a while now. Finally on FOC. And it’s getting foiled!




Thanos Annual #1

Thanos is off to find the INFINITY STONES! He’s in for a shock when he discovers that the Infinity Stones have been incorporated into actual people like STAR, QUANTUM, OVERTIME, PRINCE OF POWER and MULTITUDE! But wait, there are six Infinity Stones but only five people listed?!



Shana “Scarlett” O’Hara is about to take on the most dangerous black ops mission of her career: infiltrating the mysterious rising power in Japan known as Clan Arashikagew, Scarlett must use her very particular set of skills to survive undercover… and discover a shocking weapon that could change the balance of power on Earth.

Personally, I’ll wait for the inevitable Howard white background variant. There are several “spoiler” incentive ratio variants.


Indy Spotlight


In a land pervaded by cruelty and evil, the most innocent among us-young Lamb, the last of their kind-was selected to become a final dark sacrifice. Their death would forever seal the darkest of the Old Gods from our realm and usher in a new age ruled by the four eldritch Bishops of the Old Faith. So Lamb died . . . then forged a deal of their own.

At the crossroads of eternity, Lamb was met by the imprisoned deity known as the One Who Waits, who revealed the lies and distortions of the false prophets who rule the world above. And so, Lamb was bequeathed the power and responsibilities of the Red Crown and returned to the land of living with unholy powers to exact vengeance and deliver a new cult unto the earth.

Based on the popular video game by Master Monster. Could be a hit.



Double-Length First Issue. The sun set on samurai and gunslingers at roughly the same time, but our two leads didn’t die off quietly. In the East, Asami, an Onna-musha warrior and female samurai, would rather die with her weapons than surrender them to a sword hunt. In the West, the gunslinger MacRaith follows his revenge to the bitter end and pays the ultimate price. The future lovers are mortally wounded a world apart and awake together in a purgatory ruled by a ruthless society of damned warriors.

Cover reminds me of Star Wars. Samurai vs Gunslinger!


Pick of the Week


Ultimate X-Men #4

Marvel revealed that Peach Momoko will be debuting four new characters in Ultimate X-Men #4. Momoko creations Mori and Natsu – but also the debut of Ultimate Universe versions of Surge and Nico Minoru

Issue #3 comes out this week, so beware the last page cameo. Cover A appears to feature some of the new characters. But there is also a nice Momoko variant.


Ultimate X-Men #4 (Peach Momoko Variant)


Parting Words.

It’s late! Gotta get this out (at least on the forums) before Midnight or it turns into a pumpkin! Later!

Editors Note:

I really think that Deadpool #3 (Matthew Waite Variant)

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