Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 5/22/24

Every week, tons of new books hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery this Wednesday

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What is up Wednesday Warriors? Lighter week but with some interesting books. Here is what is on tap:

New Series/#1’s
Archie Comics Judgment Day #1 – In a world overrun with demons, Archie Andrews is on a quest to cleanse Riverdale of all wicked-kind. Harnessing the destructive power of a captive fiend, he will have to destroy corrupted and possessed versions of the people closest to him. Questioning his own morality and forced to make difficult sacrifices, are Archie’s efforts truly good, or the work of pure evil? Traverse the most horrifying version of Riverdale yet in the first Archie Premium Event.

Blood Squad Seven #1 – Image – SERIES PREMIERE. Thirty years ago, they were America’s premiere celebrity superhero team. Seen on television, on tabloid magazine covers, scoring million-dollar endorsement deals…they were everywhere! Now, a new generation takes up the mantle-or perhaps, the poisoned chalice-fulfilling a promise made decades ago: to be the heroes that a fractured America needs!

Butchers Boy #1 – Dark Horse – Deep within the backroads of the Pacific Northwest, an entire town fell victim to the brutal cleaver of the Butcher of La Perdita. But that was more than a hundred years ago, and in that time the generational nightmare of murder and meat has been reduced to morbid clickbait folklore for bored travelers to share online. And yet some say the Butcher still haunts the streets at night, seeking fresh meat for his larder. A true Lovecraftian horror? Or just the feverish dreams of a mentally unstable serial killer. Six friends on a road trip are about to find out…

Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider #1 – Spider-Gwen stuck in the 616 for good.

Notable Reprints
Military Comics #1 Facsimile Edition – The legendary Blackhawk and his squadron take to the air against the Nazis for the very first time in this full-facsimile reprint of the action-packed first issue of Military Comics from 1941.

For the Cover

Immortal Thor #11 Arthur Adams Cover – Art Adams open order cover that just nails it

Thundercats #4 Ken Haeser Cover – Cool homage to the classic Spider-Man panel.

First Appearance
Superman #14 – Brainiac Queen gets her first appearance (other than the cameo)

One to Watch
Amazing Spider-Man #50 – We know Spidey is turning into the Spider-Goblin, but does it kick off this issue?

Small Press Pick of the Week
White Boat #1 – Scott Snyder’s new book. White Boats are the mega-yachts that the super-rich use to traverse the globe-floating islands where your every desire can be fulfilled. And getting invited on board one should be a dream come true…that is until the crew traps and transports you to a remote island where secret cults have existed for millennia, working on something called “The Human Project.” Does the White Boat ship you to paradise or sink you into hell on earth? A white-knuckle descent into Lovecraftian maritime madness!