Dirty D’s F.O.C. (6/2/24)

Hey everyone! Had a burst of energy (and a rare window of free time) this Sunday morning, so was able to put my FOC list together a little earlier than usual recently. It helps there really haven’t been too many big books out there worth highlighting before orders close too. But I found some fun ones and exciting reads that will be hitting shelves in about a month. So let’s check them out!



Another movie variant for Deadpool. These are popular when signings of actors/actresses come around. Dirty D cover of the week!



A nice homage to Batman 442, when Tim Drake officially became Robin! Outta her way, jerk-ass!


New Ones


Kaare Andrews returns to the world of SPIDER-MAN’S dystopian future in this sequel to the landmark, SPIDER-MAN: REIGN story. This next installment will introduce a new BLACK CAT and introduce Miles Morales as well (who I believe is on the Variant and homage cover shown below).

Love the Spawn-ish Cover A look too (above) although I don’t think it’s a direct homage.




A new limited series starring Zatanna. She has her fans, and there are a lot of covers for issue 1. I personally like the Rodriguez A solid red background (should be stunning in person) and there’s an Artgerm foil (below) if you collect such things.



Cool Reads


WOLVERINE has been mindwiped, manipulated and given false memories so many times, what is the truth of his long life? Now, as a journey into his own past becomes paramount to the survival of mutantkind, delve into the TRUE story of LOGAN’s life, from his earliest days in the late 1800s, to the many wars he’s fought alongside comrades like CAPTAIN AMERICA and SABRETOOTH, to the WEAPON X procedures that changed his life forever, his days on the X-MEN and more! All IN CONTINUITY, this includes some adventures and links to the past never before revealed, giving the most complete picture of WOLVERINE’s history EVER ASSEMBLED! In print for the first time!

A sort-of retelling of Wolverines life story to date. It’s not an oversized book so I’m not sure how they’re going to cram this all in to one issue…but could be an interesting read with some surprises thrown in.


Pick of the Week


The INQUISITORS are among the most skilled and deadly threats to those who served the light side of the Force. Buried in the annals of Jedi lore is the story of TENSU RUN, the Jedi who faced the Inquisitors and DARTH VADER! What became of him, and why did the EMPIRE so greatly fear his existence?

Mostly a read for Inquisitor fans. It does promise yet another Jedi that survives Order 66; Tensu Run will debut this issue. I do not believe he’s on any of the covers for issue 1, so perhaps grab a copy of cover A to stash away as there are some inquisitors that could be new (I don’t recognize the one on the lower left, anyway). For that reason this is the Dirty D Pick-Of-The-Week!


Parting Thoughts

Wow, got this done before noon on Sunday. It’s been a while since I’ve accomplished such a feat. Happy hunting this week!

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